Signs That You May Be Suffering With A Blood Infection

Signs That You May Be Suffering With A Blood Infection

6. You can’t focus on anything

I’m no stranger to losing focus when I’m bored to tears in work, but lack of focus when you normally wouldn’t have any issues could be signalling a blood infection. As your immune system responds to the blood infection, the lack of oxygen rich blood to other parts of your body can cause them to not function as effectively. In this case, your brain isn’t getting the nutrients and oxygen it usually gets from your blood, causing you to lose focus at the drop of a hat and making your productivity suffer.

7. Problems with urinating

If you suddenly find that you don’t need to pee as often as usual, you could be suffering from a blood infection. Blood infections can lead to you suddenly struggling to pee when you need to, or not needing to pee at all. This is particularly common in the elderly or those who already suffer from incontinence issues. This happens because the blood infection starts to affect the liver and that impact stops you from peeing. Any change in like this in your cycle should be checked over by a doctor.

8. Your pulse speeds up

An irregular heartbeat isn’t the only thing you should expect from a blood infection, your pulse could be affected in other ways too. As your body responds to the infection in your blood, chemicals are released into your blood stream as your immune system tries to fight it. This sudden activity from your immune system can also cause your pulse to race. If you find your heart pounding suddenly for no reason, make sure you tell a doctor about your symptoms, even if it’s not a blood infection, you could find another problem.

9. You become dizzy

This is another symptom that’s related to you losing focus. If you’re suddenly finding that you become dizzy for no apparent reason at all, then your blood could be the thing causing it. Again, your brain isn’t getting the nutrients and oxygen it needs to focus and that makes you less likely to focus and can also increase dizziness. This symptom is particularly common in advanced cases of blood infection, especially in cases that have gone untreated for a long time.

10. You have a fever

Fevers are another common sign that accompany a lot of illnesses but a fever brought about by a blood infection will have some pretty clear symptoms attached to it. A blood infection fever will come on very suddenly and get very high, very quickly. You’ll find your temperature rocketing to over 38 degrees celsius or over 100 degrees fahrenheit and could get a lot higher than that. Look out for the other symptoms on this list, especially if you have the chills combined with a fever, and see your doctor as soon as possible. Also, look out for these symptoms in your loved ones, if they get a sudden fever you’re going to want to help them get checked out by a medical professional.

There we have it folks, our ten signs that you could be suffering from a blood infection. Once again, we would like to say that if you think you see any of these signs in yourself, you should take yourself right to a doctor. After all, we’re not qualified physicians here and we all know how scary diagnosing yourself from something you’ve seen on the internet can be! Doctors know what they’re talking about, make an appointment!

Once your doctor works out what is causing your infection, then they can prescribe medicine specific to that particular bug. They’re going to want to run tests to work out what the infection is and may also prescribe an IV or extra oxygen. They can also prescribe things called vasopressors, which help make your blood vessels narrow, which helps to improve your blood pressure.

What do you think about our list of ten things that could be signalling that you’re suffering from a blood infection? Have you noticed these signs in yourself or your loved ones? Have you ever suffered from a blood infection before? Let us know exactly what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!


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