What You See In This Photo Will Reveal Your True Subconscious Fear

What You See In This Photo Will Reveal Your True Subconscious Fear

Most of us are scared of something.

Whether it’s something going bump in the night, or the fear of good news (yes, that’s a real thing).

Fears can come in a variety of ways, from rational fears to irrational ones, to even social fears.

There are some pretty weird fears and phobias out there that often leave you scratching your head in confusion.

But aside from our very conscious fears, we also have an embedded fear which we aren’t actually aware of.

This can be a hidden fear of commitment, public speaking, failure, the list goes on.

But thankfully for you, these pictures will help reveal what that hidden and subconscious fear really is.

These illustrations speak to our subconscious minds and route out our fears through what we notice while we’re observing them.

To unlock your hidden fear, all you have to do is look at each painting and noting the first thing you see in each picture.

The first picture is “Butterfly Apple” by the surrealist artist Vladimir Kush.

What jumps out at you first? 

Here is a list that could reveal what you subconsciously fear.

The Knife

If you noticed the knife first, then it suggests that you fear terminal illness without knowing it. Many who see the knife first share the same fear of suffering and worry about death and pain.

The Caterpillar

Those who notice the caterpillar right away are said to subconsciously fear of the paranormal. This can be a fear of ghosts, which affects those who believe potential entities are of an evil nature.

The Butterfly

Noticing the butterfly first means that you may fear of betrayal. Those who take note of the butterfly have usually been crossed more than once in the past and fear it will happen again.

The Apple

If you spotted the apple first, this means you fear of your loved ones dying. This is quite a common fear for anyone who has already lost a loved one. 

Let’s try it again.

What’s the first thing you notice first in the skull illusion painting by Trevor Brown?

The Girl

If you spotted the little girl sitting by the tree first, you fear making big decisions and stress. Spotting the girl in the drawing suggests a hidden trauma experienced in childhood.

The Strawberry

Strawberries are often a sign of love, so if you noticed this upturned fruit, it means that you’re most likely in a complicated romantic relationship. 

The Butterfly

The butterfly represents a missed opportunity, which means you may fear that you’ll never have the chance to make up for a lost opportunity.

The Trees

If you noticed the trees on the other side of the illustration first, then it means you may be dealing with an inner conflict you’ve continually avoided. You’re scared of facing this issue head-on.

The Skull

While there’s no actual skull in the illustration, many have noticed an ‘optical illusion’ skull. If you noticed it first then it means you have a subconscious fear of disappointing others, or that you fear death.

One more!

What’s the first thing you notice in this illustration by Karl Kwansky?

The Skull

Again, the skull can suggest that you have a hidden fear of death, and you struggle with the idea of it. But it can also reveal you’re afraid of constantly disappointing others, as you always aim to please. 

The Girl

If you noticed the little girl in the illustration, then it could suggest that you subconsciously fear helplessness. You are strong and independent, so the thought of being vulnerable is a complete nightmare to you! This fear could stem from a past experience where you were unable to manipulate the outcome of something that happened to you or someone close to you.

The Trees

If you noticed the trees first (this could be the trees surrounding the optical illusion skull or the ones in the distance), then this could mean you subconsciously fear the unpredictability of the future, and your fear of lack of control.

Background Figure

If you notice the distant figure in the background of this illustration, then this could mean that you subconsciously fear being exposed.

Those who notice the figure often value their privacy over most other things and fear being seen as something else from an unknown source.

What do these photos reveal about you? Feel free to let me know in the COMMENTS!

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