This Russian Artist Has An Ingenious Solution For All The Dirty Trucks Out There

This Russian Artist Has An Ingenious Solution For All The Dirty Trucks Out There

“It isn’t about the surface on which you create it, but the feeling it gives you inside that makes it art”…

Nice quote right? I just made it up. 

When it comes to Russian artist Nikita Golubev though, it certainly applies. Many of us see dirty cars every single day, sometimes if we’re feeling particularly rebellious we’ll leave little drawings as helpful reminders for the owners that their vehicle probably needs washing. But what Nikita does is above and beyond petty vandalism and the results are stunning. 

See for yourself and if you ever find yourself parking up in Moscow, this could happen to you!

1. Love and heartbreak

There are a lot of hidden meanings to some of Nikita’s work which are open to interpretation.

I would say this one infers that love is sometimes blinding and the person you think is pure might not actually have the best intentions.

self love GIF by Mod Sun

So be careful out there! Remember you can always just love yourself instead…


2. Killer cat

The striking thing about Nikita’s work (other than the sheer size) is the level of detail involved.

Just look at this tiger for example, pretty freakin’ stunning right?

owl wow GIF

If I saw this whilst walking down the street, I’d stop and stare in amazement.


3. Eagle-eyed

Keeping with the animal theme, check this one out.

How does he manage to get such beautiful detail into those eyes?!

Image result for how?! gif

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t the first project Nikita has engaged in. A man of supreme talent it seems.


4. The world we live in

The sad truth about the world revealed through a dirty sketch on the back of a truck. It’s fitting really.

Not to go all Leonardo Dicaprio on you, but pollution is slowly ruining our planet.

Image result for don't know where to look gif

So, do what you can t0 help save the environment! Sorry, lecture over.



5. Album out July 22nd

I don’t know about you, but this drawing looks like something familiar…

They kind of look like they’re posing for the front of a rap album cover don’t you think?

vanessa lengies buy GIF

I’d definitely buy it if that was the case, nomatter who the artists were.


6. Face of the future

There’s something about gas masks that are so freakin’ creepy.

Maybe it’s that they’re always used to signify post-apocalyptic worlds and chemical disasters.

Image result for i see what you did there gif

Plus, the translation says “everything is within normal limits“, so a bit of irony going on here too.

the office no GIF

This could well be the message Nikita is trying to get across too: do something or this is going to become a familiar face.


7. Excuse me?!

Make of this one what you will, because when I first read it I was a bit shocked.

Image result for erm excuse me gif

As an animal lover, I had to remind myself that this probably has a deeper meaning to it.

Related image

Still, probably best not show this to any of your own animals.


8. This picture looks ‘itentacle’

This might be the best of the lot so far. Especially with the tentacles flowing around the side.

What I want to know is just how long these drawings take him.

Image result for how long? gif

Because if it was me and I’d started a few weeks ago, I’d still be there now.


9. Sleeping on the job

Not to be disrespectful of any deeper meaning this one may have but…

I kind of thought it was a Stormtrooper at first glance, which it clearly isn’t.

Image result for it's beautiful gif

What I know for sure is if I were the truck owner, I wouldn’t bother washing it off.


10. Fire in the hole!

What’s really lovely to see is the variety of his drawings.

Image result for hidden meaning gif

Even if you don’t have a clue what half of them mean…

Image result for group applause gif

They can be appreciated by anyone and everyone all the same.


11. Som-fin fishy’s going on around here

One thing I’ve been thinking this whole time is: man, these cars, and trucks are dirty!

Maybe they knew that if they left them long enough…

Image result for fingers crossed gif

…Nikita might walk past and decide to create another masterpiece.



13. Ouch

So this one translates as “don’t chatter” which leave us like…

Image result for what? gif

You know what though? I kind of like that the messages aren’t always clear.

Image result for confused meme

It allows you to interpret it in your own way. Or remain incredibly confused.


14. Listen to Robocop

Never a truer word has been spoken or written on the back of a dirty truck.

Related image

This is probably what my home is going to look like soon.

Image result for crazy cat lady gif

But there’s no shame in being the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood, somebody’s got to do it.


15. Trying to tell us something

I’m getting a ‘modern civilization burying history‘ kind of vibe from this one.

Image result for whoa gif

I know, deep right? But, I could be wrong of course.

Image result for sad rain gif

I wonder if he ever gets halfway through one and it starts to rain. Actually, let’s just pretend that never happens for his sake.


If anything, I think seeing these has just motivated me to never wash my car EVER again. Unfortunately, Nikita resides in Russia, so I’d be waiting a while before he got to my dusk bucket! 

What did you make of Nikita’s work, pretty incredible right? Let me know in the comments!

If you want to see more of his projects, you can check them out on is Instagram profile here