The Rings That Meghan Markle Wears Reveal A LOT About Her Personality

The Rings That Meghan Markle Wears Reveal A LOT About Her Personality

Everyone has noticed Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, since she has suddenly become one of the most famous people on the planet after announcing her upcoming marriage to Prince Harry.

There has been endless news coverage of Meghan and Harry, and the engagement ring that she’s been wearing.

But have you ever noticed that Meghan is a big jewelry fan, and is often seen wearing multiple rings on her other fingers?

We know a ring with a gemstone on the third finger of the left hand means you’re engaged, but what do all these others mean?

Well, the world of palmistry can shed some light on the intriguing set of jewelry both Meghan and other famous faces wear on the fingers of their right hand!

So, what could this unusual collection of rings, on her thumb, index and fourth fingers, possibly signify?

Well, according to Johnny Fincham, a UK-based author of ‘Palmistry: Apprentice To Pro In 24 Hours’ – the world’s number 1 best-selling book on hand reading – says that palmistry, the ancient art of divining people’s personality from their hands, can give a fascinating insight into a person’s character.

“When we look at the human brain, we find a huge portion of it is devoted to our hands, interpreting the sensations they feel and the way they move,” he says, “And when the digits are embraced by a ring, research has shown that this actually affects our behaviour.”

So apart from Meghan Markle’s great big sparkling engagement ring, the most striking thing she wore on her hands was definitely the statement thumb ring she wore.

Maybe it’s just fashion, and certainly Meghan Markle isn’t the only celebrity to wear unusual statements jewelry; everyone from Victoria Beckham to Kate Winslet and Cara Delevingne are also at it!

But what if it’s not all about looks? What if a ring really does reflect something about your personality, or affect the person who wears it? How does where you wear a ring influence your behaviour, and what does it say about you?

A ring on your thumb? You’re controlling

As we’ve already seen, Meghan Markle’s most striking piece of jewelry aside from her new engagement ring was her eye-catching thumb ring. A piece like this has long been a favorite of hippy types and fashionistas. But Meghan doesn’t exactly seem like the type to wear a tie dye poncho!

The thin gold band is certainly elegant and according to palmistry experts, it may indicate characteristics including self-motivation and even aggression.

Some palmists even connect thumb rings with being a domineering personality, who loves to take charge, and even characterize women who wear thumbs rings as controlling wives.

I’m not sure what Meghan would have to say about that! But palmist and author Johnny Fincham says this:

“The thumbs are about self-control and willpower,” says Fincham, who also lectures in palmistry at the London School of Astrology, “The development of the oppositional thumb is the key evolutionary advance that made humans able to control their destiny. When a person wears a ring on the thumb, it represents a drive for more power.”

Wow, it sounds like it really gives away a lot about somebody’s personality!

“Thumb rings are also worn by those who want to change the world in some way,” he adds. This almost sounds like the most revealing thing of all, given that Meghan Markle is an ambassador for UNICEF and World Vision Canada!

Wearing a ring on your index finger is to signify self esteem

Meghan also notably wore a matching band to her thumb ring on the index finger of her right hand.

This is a look which has likewise been adopted by Victoria Beckham, somebody who knows all about the world of high fashion!

But away from the fashionable aspect of an index finger ring, palmists refer to this part of the hand as the mirror finger. It is believed to be ruled by the planet Jupiter in astrological terms, and it’s a finger that plays a significant role in a person’s self-reflection and self-esteem.

But on the other hand, a ring on the index finger can also mean that the wearer feels overlooked. Wearing a ring on the index finger of your hand is said to show a frustrated need for power and recognition.

I’m not sure how much this relates to Meghan, but maybe you can apply that to her life. If she’s used to being independent and doing her own thing, perhaps life as a British princess will be way different!

“Wearing a ring on the index finger can help boost your sense of self,” says palmist Johnny,  “It can act as a reminder to pull your finger out, as it were, helping you to grow in stature and develop in power.”


A ring on your middle finger for morals

Referred to by palmists as the ‘wall’ finger — because of its central, stable position on the hand — the middle finger (the FU finger, as I like to call it) is linked to your lifestyle and morals.

“We live in a time when traditional values are collapsing, which is perhaps why it is increasingly common to wear a ring on this digit,” reckons Fincham, “The related internal conflict is one of struggling to find a role in society and insecurity about one’s place in life.”

Have you ever noticed that one celebrity who seems to be a big fan of wearing a ring on the middle finger is former Harry Potter actress Emma Watson?

You’ll know that she’s just as famous for her activism and campaigning for women’s rights as she is for her movies these days. She’s trying to use her fame to affect some positive change in the world.

So I guess it only follows that she wears a ring on this finger, it seems like a true reflection of her personality, as somebody who wants to change the world.

On your fourth finger for love and commitment

This, of course, is where many cultures across the world usually agree that a wedding ring is worn. But have you ever thought of the reasons behind this?

Turns out it’s actually interesting!

“This finger has a direct meridian line connection to the heart in traditional Chinese medicine,” says Johnny, “Ancient Egyptians believed the vena amoris, the vein of love, made a connection between this finger and the heart. The ring places restrictions on its yearnings, important once a commitment is made.”

Apart from Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, one of the most talked-about engagement rings in celebrity circles has been Katie Holmes’.

When she got engaged to screen idol Tom Cruise, the engagement ring that the actor chose to give was one of the biggest and most expensive ever seen in Hollywood recently.

However, their six-year marriage fell apart in 2012, and reports suggest that it was Holmes’ objections to Cruise being so involved in Scientology. It was even reported that as part of their divorce settlement, Katie Holmes has agreed to keep quiet about any future relationships.

But then what happened when Katie Holmes confirmed she had been secretly dating fellow actor Jamie Foxx when she got engaged? She picked out a much more subtle diamond set in yellow gold to wear on her ring finger!

On your little finger shows you are sexually open

The little finger is known as the ‘antenna’ in modern palmistry, because it’s all about communication. Whether that’s in verbal, physical or  sexual terms, Johnny Fincham says that, “in many cultures, a ring on this finger denotes sexual openness”.

So does the fact that Kate Winslet habitually wear a ring on her little finger say anything about her character?

It’s also a much more common place for a man to wear a statement ring!

“It’s enormously common for sexually curious people to wear a large ring on their little finger,” Johnny says, “The same is true for those who are concerned with communication, for instance writers and public speakers.”

On all your fingers may show insecurity

Those who feel the need to wear rings on every finger tend to have “insecure and troubled personalities”, according to Johnny.

“This is very common among adolescents when they’re establishing themselves in the adult world, and on people who feel alienated in some way,” he adds, “It’s also often seen on the hands of showbiz personalities.”

Celebrities who have commonly been seen wearing rings on all four fingers include Rihanna. Maybe it says something about her personality that she feels comforted by wearing rings on all of her four fingers simultaneously.

If you recognize this trait in yourself and you would like to start becoming a stronger person mentally by not doing it, try taking off the rings one by one. Wear one less ring day, another less the day after, and so on.

“You’ll find yourself feeling psychologically naked at first,” Fincham warns, “But you will soon develop a compensatory inner strength.”

What the width of a ring means

When it comes to long lasting commitment, the best wedding bands are apparently slim and gold with a single small sapphire, a gem which is traditionally associated with honesty.

Thicker rings can be more commonly associated with fashionable jewelry favoured by free and single people!

A ring which doesn’t form a full circle on the ring, but instead spirals up the ring finger, suggests an open approach to partnerships… so maybe steer clear of these if you don’t want to send out such signals!

Why metals matter

As well as the positioning of a ring, the material it is made from also influences its power on a person’s character, says Johnny Fincham.

Gold is traditionally associated with Apollo, the Greek and Roman sun god, who was both loyal and protective. Because these are ideal qualities in a partner, this is why a gold ring has classically been seen as the perfect metal for a wedding band.

That and its value, of course!

But have you ever noticed the lines on Meghan Markle’s palms? They could be even more significant even than her choice of rings!

Apparently, she one of only 1% of people with a simian line, where the two lines crossing the palm merge into one. “It’s highly unusual and shows an obsessive, single-minded, personality,” says Johnny, “She’ll be a powerful and intense soul, and will easily dominate her husband.”


“What fuses are the lines of consciousness (head) and of emotions (heart). This means that the emotions and rational thinking get drawn together so a person becomes very, very fixed, passionate and intense,” he thinks, “All simian-lined people are massive over-achievers and can’t ever stop and relax.”

Other high profile people with similar simian-bearers include former UK prime minister Tony Blair and actor Robert De Niro.

A silver ring, especially worn on the thumb of the dominant hand, is perfect for those who set themselves goals and high targets in their life. This is because those wearing silver are said to be more accepting of guidance from a higher power.

Tin, meanwhile, is a metal associated with Jupiter, king of the Roman gods and the largest planet in the night sky.

So if you feel vulnerable or neglected, wearing a ring containing tin like a pewter ring for example, could give a confidence boost.

What gemstones say

It’s not just the metals that our rings are made out of that affect our lives! Many cultures throughout the ages have attached special significance to many different jewels too.

Diamonds are believed to absorb and amplify the thoughts of those wearing them and were once used by healers, as they were said to protect people from poisons.

Green emeralds are said to aid fertility, as well as improve eyesight, lift depression and relieve insomnia.

Fiery opals are strongly associated with emotions, including love and passion, while rubies are believed to protect from bad luck and health, as well as being a symbol of friendship and love.

Meanwhile, sapphires have long been associated with inspiration, peace and happiness and are said to help with communication, and are said to be a favorite of Meghan Markle’s future grandmother in law, the Queen of England!

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