Remember Sister Mary From ‘Sister Act’ This Is What She’s Up To Now

Remember Sister Mary From ‘Sister Act’ This Is What She’s Up To Now

Sister Act was a musical comedy that proved to be one of the most successful comedies (both critically and financially) of the early 90s!

The franchise boosted Whoopi Goldberg’s place in Hollywood, making her a household name and one of Hollywood’s funniest leading ladies.

Sister Act was so successful that a sequel was created, Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

It saw many of the actors from the original cast reappearing and reprising their roles and habits for some more nun fun!

While some of the actors continued their prolific career in the industry, some decided to take a step out of the spotlight.

One of the most notable characters was Sister Mary Robert who stepped out of the spotlight.

Which got us wondering what she is up to these days. 

Wendy Makkena’s acting career started back in the 1980s on the hit television show Santa Barbara and she also starred in the sports film Eight Men Out.

However, her breakout performance came when she was cast as sweet and innocent Sister Mary Robert in Sister Act.

Makkena’s character was a shy nun with an incredible singing voice (which was dubbed by Andrea Robinson).

Wendy appeared in both films. However, instead of continuing on the silver screen, Wendy decided to pursue other avenues of creativity.

Following Sister Act, Wendy appeared in the Air Bud, State of Play, and most recently Netflix’s The Discovery.

However, a majority of her credits are appearances on popular television shows. She’s made appearances on acclaimed series such as Law & Order, NYPD Blue, House, and NCIS.

However, that’s not all she’s been up to.

Wendy has had success on Broadway, appearing in numerous productions which have earned rave reviews.

But acting isn’t the only talent Wendy has.

Wendy is also a successful entrepreneur. She conceived “Ruby’s Rockets,” which is a healthy popsicle alternative, it’s now available in over 3,000 stores across America!

Wendy said:

“I was watching TV one day and a doctor was on a talk show making a green drink and it sounded so good I decided to try.

“And then one morning, a little voice from the back of the car said, ‘Hey mom, can I try some of that weird drink you made?’”

While Ruby’s Rockets continues to thrive, Wendy hasn’t completely gotten rid of the acting bug. She’s set to appear in another comedy musical later this year in Josh Klausner’s Wanderland.

As for Sister Act, there have been many rumors of a third film or a reboot of the franchise.

This could mean that Wendy reprises her role once again.

Whoopi Goldberg has already shared her thoughts on bringing back Hollywood’s favorite nuns.

“I think that there will be a Sister Act 3. But I don’t know that I would be Deloris, which is okay because it’s time for someone else to do it. But it’s such a fun piece that I’m hoping someone will do it. Maybe I’ll direct.”

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