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A couple of years ago, Valeria Lukyanova took the internet, and the world, by storm. Valeria is a living doll, but is mainly known as The Human Barbie. When everyone saw the picture of her transformation into Barbie, they were shocked by how much she had changed to become a human barbie.

human barbie

Valarie’s transformation had many believe she underwent numerous types of plastic surgery to attain her look, however this is something that she discredits to this day. She says she achieved the look through strict dieting and exercise. She follows a diet called breatharianism, which involves her only eating what she needs to stay alive.

She’s really dedicated!

Valarie has recently made a number of life changes to have another big transformation. The Human Barbie has gone from life sized Barbie into an Amazonian Woman. Wanna see?


What a difference!


Fair play to her, she looks in fantastic shape!


Her look isn’t the only thing she’s changing. Valarie is taking on a career in singing, and she’s due to release a single later this year.


The Human Barbie has found a passion for singing, ‘When I’m singing, it’s like a deep trance for me.


Music will help people relax and make a journey into their hidden places inside.’

Valeria recently spoke with about her upcoming tour, letting us know what attendees can expect.

“The music will have special vibrations,” she tells us. “With certain cosmic sounds and special frequency, people will get a powerful psychic charge for getting his true essence, healing and finding his calling. Each set will be something definite, will have a special message and unique energy.”

As for her what she’ll be wearing to show off her almost unbelievable physique?

“As always, it will be bright, extravagant and cosmic costumes, emphasizing my perfect and attractive figure,” she says. “Many esoteric accessories will give a certain ambiance and mystical meaning. I follow fashion trends but the costumes I form myself.”