Check Out What Adam Richman From ‘Man V Food’ Looks Like Now

Check Out What Adam Richman From ‘Man V Food’ Looks Like Now

Do you remember the hit US show ‘Man Vs Food’? I used to love that show! Host, Adam Richman, travelled around America filling his face with literally TONS of food, in a bid to become the winner of the infamous battle of Man Vs Food.

But after four years of taking on extreme eating challenges, from slurping down two-gallon sundaes to devouring 190-pound burgers, the 39-year-old Brooklyn born foodie decided enough was enough.

Concerned about his health and non-existent love life, he retired from the show, embarked on a healthy eating plan and exercise regime, and quickly managed to lose a whopping 60lbs off his six foot frame.


In a bid to get fit, he ditched dairy from his diet and stocked his kitchen cupboards with healthy snacks.

‘I love peanut butter and ice cream but I can’t keep them in my house,’ he explained.

‘People expect me to order the biggest, richest dish, but it’s nice saying no – I’m no human Dyson’

Now, he’s cut the fat, he says that he always gets funny looks when he goes to restaurants and orders normal-sized portions.

He said that he always been a member of the gym, but in the past he would only do 30 minutes, walking, on the treadmill.

Now, he does sports such as soccer and weight training to keep himself trim and lean.

In reflection of his new attitude, his Twitter biography sums up the changes he has made.: ‘TV Host, Producer, Author, Man-about-town, Centre Mid for Ivanhoe FC, and one Righteous Dude. *Quite done with food challenges, thank you*’

Despite his weight gain, he says that he doesn’t resent his old job. He said:  ‘Man v. Food was the biggest career-defining opportunity. I went from anonymity to someone of note with access to amazing eateries.’

You won’t believe what he looks like now…are you ready to see?


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