After Receiving Cruel Comments About Her Body Hair She Take This Bikini Shot

After Receiving Cruel Comments About Her Body Hair She Take This Bikini Shot

In our society, we are accustomed to removing our body hair on a regular basis, and this process can take an awful lot of work! However, even then, there are times when we just “forget” about it for a while and our body inevitably grows out a bit but this usually doesn’t last for long, and we are right back to shave it smooth again. That’s because nobody wants to see our hairy armpits or legs. In fact, that is something that is often frowned upon, and so we decide that to save face with the public, we all commit to shaving these, certain parts of our bodies.

We shave ourselves a lot!

So, imagine if you were a girl with (what others consider to be) excessive body hair! I mean, so much so that you were shunned by everyone one that you knew and anyone new who came around you as well? Also, if this happened to you, how would you handle it?

It would be devastating!

These are the questions that we ask because of one girl who recently posted a photo her herself (in a bikini), and it is SHOCKING! Well, to most of us and that’s because she happens to have an overwhelming amount of dark hair on her body, almost like a man! However, she doesn’t seem to be shy about doing this.

She has a lot of body hair for a woman.

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So much so, that when Leah Jorgensen was 14,-years-old, she was told that she was a “man” and a “freak” due to the amount of body hair that she has. Although it’s true that she has more body hair than the average woman, she doesn’t feel threatened by other’s cruel comments now that she’s a 33-years-old woman.

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