Real People Share Their Stories About The Biggest Jerk Of A Guest Who Ever Stayed In Their House

Real People Share Their Stories About The Biggest Jerk Of A Guest Who Ever Stayed In Their House

Sometimes you have people over to your house, and you just regret the whole affair.

But have you ever had people over who were so rude, inconsiderate, or downright destructive, that you talk about it for years afterwards?

These people sure have!

I mean, they’ve got some funny stories to tell, and they can probably mostly laugh about it these days.

But if these things would have happened in my house… I wouldn’t have been held responsible for my own actions!

Read on and feel your blood boil and your jaw drop!


“Our 6-year-old daughter had a neighborhood friend over, who lived just down the street. She had some sort of accident in our bathroom, and asked through the door if we could get her mother. We called the mom who came right over. She was in there a little bit, came out, got the kids jacket and said she was taking her home.

We went into the bathroom after she left, and there was diarrhea all over the toilet and floor of the bathroom. The mom left without cleaning it up or saying anything about it.

Who does that?? You don’t ask for paper towels, cleaning products, and apologizing profusely?”


“My aunt brought over her children and left them with us for the day. After she picked them up, she called my mom to let her know that her kids have lice, btw.”


“The Destructive Part: My roommate and I had a party at our apartment and one of the guests threw up in the sink and clogged it.

The Good Guy Part: He proceeded to take apart the pipes, clean them out, and put them back together.”


“The really offensive incident was at a birthday party, which for some reason was held at my own house. This guy I didn’t even invite comes over and, in the course of a 1-hour visit, clogs my toilet with a monster cr*p, spills his drink on my rug, and hits on my other friend’s underage sister.”


“Light up a goddamned cigarette in my living room. He was a friend of a friend and I had never met him before. Somehow he thought, ‘Hey, this is clean smelling living room so let me light up my cr*pstick’! Idiot…”


“We were having a gathering at our home of people in a local club. One couple brought their daughter, who was about 18 months old at the time. The father is someone with no social skills, and he was apparently raised by wolves.

His daughter picked up one of our heavy coasters and began pounding it on our cherry coffee table. He stood there and watched her do it, did nothing to intervene, and then got angry with me when I took it out of her hand – after my furniture had been permanently scarred about 20 times.

Later that same day, he watched her pick up a large bowl of popcorn and dump it on my carpet. Again, he did nothing – including cleaning it up.”


“I had a friend staying with me and my boyfriend.

I told her no smoking in the apartment, and especially not to open the window in her room as there wasn’t a screen on it (was waiting for the landlord to get one – we had just moved in).

She stayed for a couple days and left. About two hours after she was gone, I realized I hadn’t seen my kitten for a while. I went searching to see if she was sleeping somewhere random. I opened the door to the guest room – and saw the window open.

My 9-week-old kitten got out. And fell two stories, into some bushes.

I never saw her again. I lived in a very populated part of the city so I’m assuming someone saw her and picked her up and kept her, despite the number of missing kitten signs I put up around my neighborhood.

Forever p*ssed off.”


“During a family Christmas get-together a great many years ago, my grandmother would not stop feeding my dog handouts from her plate. Again and again, we told her to knock it off. Again and again, grams would take cheese cubes and other small snack items and drop it on the floor where it could be swallowed whole in a microsecond.

This is a small dog, too (we’re talkin’ 10-ish pounds), so the ratio of people food to dog is fairly high. We then had to deal with my dog’s diarrhea and massive bloating. Thanks a lot, Grandma.”


“My friends (at the time, all teenage males) were hanging in my basement playing video games and basically chilling. My mom cut up some vegetables and laid out a nice platter, which is such a mom thing to do, teenage males have no interest in such things as sliced vegetables for snacks. So they started throwing all these vegetables at each other instead.”


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