The Queen Has Been Reported To Police For A Crime She Committed On Her Way To Parliment

The Queen Has Been Reported To Police For A Crime She Committed On Her Way To Parliment

Many people assume that the Queen of England can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.

That’s something I’ve always believed, but it looks like it was a foolish belief as it appears that Queen Elizabeth II has landed herself in a lot of trouble.

During her visit to the House of Lord, the Queen caused a stir with her outfit, with many people believing it was a hidden message to the EU.

However, that’s not the only stir she has caused.

The Queen has been reported to the police for not wearing a seatbelt while driving to the State Opening of Parliament.

The West Yorkshire Police confirmed in a tweet that someone had called 999 saying the monarch was not strapped into her street with a seat belt.

The Queen traveled to the House of Lords with her son, Prince Charles, where the Queen delivered a speech.

As in many places around the world, the UK has strict laws about wearing a seatbelt.

The law regarding seatbelts clearly states:

“You must wear a seatbelt if one is fitted in the seat you are using.”

Those found ignoring this law can be fined £500 for not wearing a seatbelt.

However, the Queen isn’t in too much trouble as criminal proceedings can’t be taken against the Queen in UK law. 

The only person who is in trouble is the person who made the phone call, reporting the Queen.

Tom Donohoe, of West Yorkshire Police, said:

“I cannot stress enough that the 999 number is for emergencies only.”

But that’s the only thing she didn’t wear during her visit to the House of Lords.

The Queen also didn’t wear a crown and she instead wore ‘day dress’ instead of her ceremonial robes.

It was also the first time in 43 years the monarch didn’t wear a crown for the state opening of parliament.

Hopefully, the Queen won’t be getting into any more trouble and will take note to wear a seatbelt the next time she’s riding in a car, or at least when the public can see her.

She must set a good example after all!

What do you think about the Queen’s little indiscretion on the way to Parliment? Do you think she should have been fined or would that be a step too far for this unimpressed Royal?

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