Predator Messages 7 Year Old Girl Asking For Topless Photos But It’s Dad Who Responds

Predator Messages 7 Year Old Girl Asking For Topless Photos But It’s Dad Who Responds

The internet is a wonderful place, a place where you can keep up with your friends, listen to music, watch cute cat videos, even read this article right now! Everyone uses the internet for different reasons, but you can’t deny that it’s a convenience that has made a huge difference to our modern lives. I mean, who ever even thinks of using a map to go anywhere now you can go online and use a route planner that will plan your route down to the finest detail? The internet is here and it’s here to stay!

Now that the internet is simpler and more accessible than ever, you can pick up a device and get online in minutes, but that simplicity is adding a never before considered layer of danger to our lives. I’m not talking about the internet scammers who try to clear out your bank account, I’m talking about the predators that are out there waiting for your children to pick up a phone or tablet and get online. It’s terrifying, but without proper internet safety it could happen in your own home.

It seems like every kid wants to spend time on the internet nowadays, they’ll ask for your phone or tablet a million times a day so they can play online or chat to their friends from school. It seems totally innocent, but one Dad recently discovered that there are some twisted people out there on the internet, as one of them made a target out of his innocent seven year old daughter. What happened next is truly shocking.

Brad Summer was like any other parent who lets their child use their phone to contact their friends. His little girl, Madi, was using an app called, which allows users to upload short videos accompanied by some music. Madi was using this seemingly innocent app to contact her cousins and “make goofy duets of songs”. It seemed like just another normal thing that all children do, laughing and joking with their family, but things were about to become much more sinister.


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