Plus-Size Model Diana Sirokai Recreated Gigi Hadid’s Nude Photo Shoot To Promote Body Positivity

Plus-Size Model Diana Sirokai Recreated Gigi Hadid’s Nude Photo Shoot To Promote Body Positivity

This is Diana Sirokai, a 21 year old plus size model from Hungary.

She’s pretty well-known online for promoting women’s empowerment, and for celebrating women’s bodies as they are, not as the media presents them to us.

Originally from Hungary, Diana now lives in London, and makes her living as a plus size beauty model.

She says that she tried getting work as a regular sized model, but being bigger really made modelling agents sit up and take notice. Which is when she realised she could really make a difference with her work.

So she has become famous online for her curvy appearance and messages of body positivity. Now she’s got way over 500,000 followers on her Instagram account, and many more fans all around the world.

Diana’s Instagram presence is what brings most attention her way, connecting directly with her fans and promoting beauty and positivity through the photos she posts there.

Recently, she has gone viral for her latest Instagram image in which she imitates a fellow model’s famous fashion photo shoot.

Back in 2016, supermodel Gigi Hadid (who herself has an incredible 37.5 MILLION Instagram followers) did a very famous naked photo shoot for the fashion label Stuart Weitzman.

It was to promote the fashion designer’s latest line of boots – but people understandably got hung up on the fact that Gigi was wearing nothing BUT those boots.

In just a couple of short years, it has become an iconic photo in the fashion world, and made Gigi Hadid one of the most recognisable faces – and bodies in the modelling world.

But now Diana Sirokai has been making waves after she recreated Gigi’s famous pose on her Instagram page.

“I was just wondering how a Model My Size would look on this” she said, and posted the stunning image comparing the two photo shoots.

It looks like the image hasn’t been retouched all that much either, promoting the idea that you should be confident in the skin you’re in.

If the stretch marks on Diana’s hips are anything to go by, the image doesn’t look like it has been photoshopped a lot at all!

Remember You are just as special as the woman you idolise

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She always posts images celebrating bodies as they really appear, including the one above of stretch marks; something that we don’t regularly see in fashion magazine photo shoots!

This isn’t the first time Diana has sprung to fame by posting body positive images online either!

Maybe you remember the time when her and fellow plus size model Callie Thorpe (who is on the left in the photo below) intentionally got their photo shoot re-touched to make them look far thinner?

Here is the original photo of the two models at their true size…

And here is the photoshopped version, in which you can see the pair obviously look way slimmer. Some other less noticeable imperfections were also given the air brush treatment, like the appearance of Diana’s chin, and both girls’ legs looking way smoother.

“I have to say we look Amazing both ways,” Diana wrote on her Instagram post of the image, “The purpose of this was to show you all how magazines and the media take editing to a different level. Models and celebrities do not even look like themselves. We live in such a fake world its time to bring real back. Own who you are and slay!”

That’s not the only time that Diana has addressed beauty standards! Who remembers the photos she had taken copying Kim Kardashian’s famous ‘white bathing costume’ photo shoot?

“WE ARE BOTH WOMEN with DIFFERENT BODIES ❤️ #Slay” Diana said in this Instagram post.

People were loving the natural look that Diana and her photographer Karizza – who work a lot with plus size models – have achieved.

My "Flaws" are my power. 📷@photo_karizza

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I think we can all agree that Diana looks amazing in all of the photos, and that she is really doing some great work in promoting both plus size models and body positivity!

“We are all unique and that’s what makes us special,” Diana told about her latest photo shoot.

“By recreating these images I hope it reaches high fashion brands and they will start making a change in the fashion industry,” she says

“Gigi is such a stunning young woman. I think her beauty is mesmerising and a lot of girls that look up to her feel like they could never be like that. Gigi is an Icon and my message was to show that you can be as good as her. We all look different and unique you have to own it. Yes Gigi is beautiful but so are you.”

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