Plus-Size Male Model Shows Off His Body To Inspire Body Confidence In Other Men

Plus-Size Male Model Shows Off His Body To Inspire Body Confidence In Other Men

The body positivity movement is a huge thing nowadays, with people coming together to celebrate the beauty of people of all shapes, sizes, colours, ages, and abilities. It’s a wonderful thing that has brought confidence to a lot of people out there, but we can’t help but notice that most of those people are women. Well, one plus-size male model is here to add his voice to the cause, standing alongside the plus-size female models and hoping to inspire body confidence in men around the world.

Arcadio Del Valle is a thirty year old plus-size male model from Boston, Massachusetts. He weighs 29 stone, which is the equivalent of 405 pounds or 183 kilograms, and wears size 5XL. He’s always wanted to work in the fashion industry but worried that his weight might hold him back in an industry that prizes bodily perfection. However, Arcadio is now living his dream of working in the fashion industry and he’s doing it his way.

Since embracing his size, Arcadio’s career has gone from strength to strength. In September 2016, he was hired by plus-size fashion brand Volare to walk the runway at New York fashion week, he has since walked runways for ASOS and MVP. He described his experience on the runway, saying, Walking down the runway was just surreal. My heart was pounding so hard, it almost came out of my chest. In my whole life, I had never done anything like that. My sister was in the front row cheering me on and I was so proud to have her support. It was one of my best moments.” Now, Arcadio wants to take his new found confidence and use it to inspire other men.

Arcadio has spoken out about the pressure the media puts on people everywhere to conform to a certain standard of beauty, saying, “Growing up in a world where the media urges you to look a certain way, to be a certain weight and to fit into a mould, it becomes engraved in your head. I wasn’t happy with myself growing up and in my early twenties.” It’s something that a lot of us can relate to, and seeing Arcadio’s journey towards body confidence can be a huge inspiration.

Arcadio has also spoken about the people who have inspired him through his own body confidence journey, including plus-size model Tess Holliday. He spoke about how she has made a huge impact on his life, saying, “When I saw people like plus-sized model Tess Holliday loving their bodies and embracing fashion, it inspired me to start doing the same. I began sharing photos of my outfits and my style on Instagram and I was inspired by the good feedback I was getting.” Arcadio’s own Instagram account now has over 8,200 followers.

They criticise my body shape and size and the fact that I wear makeup. They say I shouldn’t expose so much of my body because I’m big. They say I am promoting obesity and that being unhealthy is acceptable and that is not the case at all.” 

Arcadio has also spoken out about what he wants from life and his vision for the future, saying All I want to do is to promote self-love and acceptance as you are, regardless of your size, gender, or disability. My point is for you to take those flaws and use it to help others embrace it and work with it. In my ideal world high-end brands like Gucci to Louis Vuitton, and high street stores like Old Navy and Gap would make clothes for people my size and finally include us in fashion.”

Arcadio continued to speak about how fashion brands would be pleasantly surprised if they started to cater to plus sized people with their clothes, saying, “There is a market out there, if they just open their eyes. Bigger guys love fashion too. I just want everyone to be able to express themselves.” We totally agree and we wish Arcadio all the very best as he continues along his body positivity journey! He’s a true inspiration.

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