Pilot Takes Crazy Mid-Flight Selfies But Not Everything Is As It Seems - Aunty Acid Buzz

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This is the internet, we’re no stranger to ridiculously stupid selfies, I mean how many people could possibly forget that there’s a mirror behind them and they’re on the toilet? It’s a ridiculously large number. But there are some selfies that make even the craziest daredevils among us quake in their boots, like this one from pilot Daniel Centeno…

I hope none of you suffer with a fear of flying because this is just terrifying! I mean, we’ve all taken a minute to check our Facebook when we’re supposed to be working, but Snapchat-ing while flying a plane? That’s just way too far! And this isn’t the only scary selfie Centeno’s snapped, check out this one!

These snaps have sent the internet crazy, and I can see why! Would you want to fly knowing that your pilot is taking his time to find the perfect in-flight snap? Call me overly cautious, but I definitely wouldn’t be getting on the plane and neither would these people…

This person is already checking their holiday schedule to see if it includes a mile high selfie package.

This person is thinking waaaay too much about the whole thing.

And this person is already in full on panic mode.

Even the media believe that Centeno’s common sense has gone out of the cockpit window! Just look at the results from this news search, it’s media madness!

But are Centeno’s scary selfies really all they seem? Of course not, people! Stop your panicking because your flight is safe in Daniel’s hands, because not only is he a qualified pilot but he’s a photoshop wizard too! Although I don’t blame you for being fooled, this looks crazily realistic!

So I don’t mind admitting that I was fooled by these amazing photo editing jobs, but luckily for us, the people of the internet are not so easily duped. They immediately started to check the facts and even came up with this picture of clouds that’s exactly the same as the one Centeno used in this photoshop magic.

See? Exactly the same! The whole thing’s a lot less scary when you know it’s just a big fake, isn’t it? And Centeno’s not shy about his photoshop work, he’s gone online many times to make sure people know he’s not snapping dangerous pics on the job. He even captioned this one “Photoshop mode on”! What a sense of humour!

I’m glad some people had the sense to see though the photo manipulating magic, because it took me longer than I’d like to admit! Not this guy however, he just wasn’t impressed…

This lady knows that the haters gonna hate.

This guy’s making a really good point. I didn’t even think to check the sunglasses!

It’s obvious to this guy that this is all just fake news.

And this person just gets all her information from the TV, just like the rest of us.

As far as Centeno’s concerned, he’s just having some fun! Keep smiling, Daniel!

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