20 Photos That Raise Questions That Will Never Be Answered

20 Photos That Raise Questions That Will Never Be Answered

Some things there are really just no explaining. They make sense in some crazy person’s head but definitely not mine!

Have you ever seen something that makes you wonder what on Earth is going on in this world and why this ever happened?

Only all the freakin’ time, right?

Yeah, me too, but have you ever seen 21 of those weird, crazy things in one place?

Well, you’re about to, because we’ve found 21 totally bizarre things that raise more questions than answers!

1. Someone’s in quite a pickle!

Why would you do this? Is it photoshopped? Or a really gross manicure and bad use of a false nail? Either way, whoever did this has way too much time on their hands! And probably quite a pungent smell, too!

2. Catching a ride

How did this happen? Did the crow land on the eagle? Did the eagle just let the crow hop on for a ride? The minds of these birds will never be explained to us mere mortals. We use the term ‘bird brain’ as an insult for a reason!

3. The final nail in the coffin

I just don’t get why you’d do this. Are you actively trying to hurt yourself? I hope this person doesn’t wear contact lenses or there’ll be tears before bedtime!

4. Dive on in!

Not only is this weird but it’s just not a good idea!

5. I’m ready for my close up!

If you’re gonna leave your food unattended, this is what you’re gonna be faced with.

6. Yummy!

Has anybody else ever looked at the underside of their trainers and thought, ‘wow, that looks really appetizing!’. Strangely enough, me neither! But this person clearly did. No, I don’t want a bite of your breakfast, thanks.

7. That’s LORD Fido, to you.

Is this the most spoiled dog on the planet? I think so. Imagine if it was a cat! It would bring the whole freakin’ house down!

8. Just popped over to say hi!

This is what you get when you live next door to an ant eater. But it looks like a dog has turned into liquid and it’s pushing itself through a tiny hole in the face.

9. What a waste of toast!

Seriously, if you want to get rid of your toast that badly, just give it to me! I’ll eat the whole lot! Either that, or those street toasters that we’ve been waiting for all these years have finally arrived!

10. That’s just really good camouflage! 

He walked into these road works and nobody ever saw him again. Some say a guy picked him up and put him on the back of a truck…


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