These Before And After Photos Of Abandoned Vacation Spots Will Amaze You!

These Before And After Photos Of Abandoned Vacation Spots Will Amaze You!

We all know that things change over time. We can go back to places we visited in our childhoods, only to find they are now unrecognizable from what they once were.

Usually the change is a good one, keeping the place modern, and making sure that it doesn’t fall into disrepair.

But sometimes, some places are just abandoned and left to rot. If you’re able to compare the exact same place to what it used to look like, the difference would be striking.

Usually you’re not able to compare the old and the new side-by-side. But what if you could? From, say, holiday park postcards?

That’s exactly what photographer Pablo Iglesias Maurer did in his series of images called Abandoned States. All in the Washington DC area of the USA, it’s amazing to see how these vacation spots have decayed over the years.

Just look!

This used to be a bustling scene full of vacationers relaxing by blue waters of a giant pool

But it’s been left overgrown down the years, and now it’s looking like this

The trees have crept in so much that you can’t even see the buildings in the background any more!

This indoor swimming pool was probably the height of holiday sophistication back in the day

But now it’s full of trash, not water

The transformation is astonishing, it looks like it hasn’t been touched for years, except for by graffiti artists.

Here’s another tempting looking swimming pool, complete with a diving board

Doesn’t look like quite such a tempting place to go for a dip anymore, right?

It’s shocking that somewhere so big and grand could be allowed to just fall into disrepair like that!

Back in the old days, everyone used to have a fine old time by this pool

Those days are gone!

I don’t think this place will ever be used as a swimming pool again, which is a pretty sad thought.

Bowling was everybody’s favorite vacation activity once, and this smart-looking feller handed out the shoes

I’m sure he would be heartbroken to see his old workplace in such a state!

It looks pretty spooky, empty and abandoned like this.

Look at the size of this auditorium! Surely it’s still in use today, right?

No, it’s looking like this now

All of those plush old seats are still there, but it doesn’t seem like any shows have happened for many years.

Once, this place looked like the home of the future

Now it just looks like a thing of the past

You can barely see the creepy place, lurking in amongst all the trees.

Check out the classic 1960s look of these bowling lanes!

Those bright colors are all gone now

You can still recognise those stylish tables and the bowling ball chute, but everything else is looking worse for the wear.

What a sunny vacation scene!

Now it looks like something from the zombie apocalypse

This place looks kinda chilling now, even the trees look lonely and lifeless, just like everywhere around this holiday park.

Surely this cheerful looking place holds so many happy memories it will have been kept alive?

Unfortunately, it definitely doesn’t look that way

It used to look so bright and happy, now that place would give you the chills even on the sunniest of days.

I don’t know what this place is, but it looks like a lot of fun!

Not so much any more…

Now it looks downright unrecognizable! I bet you wouldn’t even be able to tell it was the same place from memory.

This looked like a pretty cosy vacation retreat in the past

Now it’s a pretty eerie looking place

It doesn’t look like it’s seen a soul in years!

Surely such a huge grand hotel will still be in use today?

Nope, even this place has been abandoned

You couldn’t pay me to spend a night in that place now!

Check out this postcard from a vacation bar

There’s still no mistaking that carpet!

But apart from that and a couple of lonely chairs, this looks nothing like it used to.

This was probably one of the most desirable vacation locations around when it was brand new

It’s definitely the same place, but I don’t think people come here to vacation any more

I can’t believe such amazing buildings are just left to rot away in pursuit of something new!

That guy looks ready to bust out a hit

Now all the fun, music and happiness has gone out of the place

Just the lonely sound of the waves and maybe a few birds around, this place is being reclaimed by nature.

A moody and stylish place back in the day

You can see that amazing mosaic on the wall now

It’s a pity that there’s nobody around to enjoy it, right?

This dining hall was probably bustling and full of life every lunchtime

Now the carpet is almost nothing but moss and weeds

You can almost smell the damp and mildew.

This might be the same vacation resort where the guy was playing guitar before

This is one of the more shocking transformations

The whole pontoon has just fallen in the lake, because nobody has cared for it in years. I guess nobody ever will again now, what a sad thought.

All image credits: Pablo Maurer.