Photographer Gives Homeless Couple A Makeover And Now They Look Like Models

Photographer Gives Homeless Couple A Makeover And Now They Look Like Models

Love really is the most important thing in this world, but for those people who find themselves living through difficult times, it’s not surprising to find that sometimes love falls by the wayside. It’s not necessarily on purpose, for people who find themselves homeless and struggling to survive other things have to take priority, but when all is said and done who doesn’t want to feel loved? Today we’re going to be looking at the story of one homeless couple who found love despite all, and some kind people that gave them a miraculous new lease on life.

Muchiri Frames is the working name of a very talented photographer from Nairobi, Kenya, and one of their most recent photoshoots has been inspiring people all over the world. For Valentine’s Day this year, Muchiri Frames decided to go looking for love in the most unusual of places and couldn’t believe what they found. In a Facebook post about the project, they wrote, “For this Valentines day, we decided to do something different. We wanted to shoot something that was out of the ordinary… and so we started looking… who we met!… Ooooh boy…” Just wait until you see this for yourself!

When Muchiri Frames went looking for someone special for their Valentines Day project, they met a homeless man named Sammy, also known as Blackie, in one of the parks in Nairobi. He’d been living on the streets for a while but when Muchiri Frames asked him whether he’d ever been in love, the sparkle in his eyes was impossible to ignore. He began to describe his girlfriend, Virginia, and as Sammy told their story of friendship that lead to real love, Muchiri Frames knew they had found the perfect couple to receive their Valentines Day gift.

The team at Muchiri Frames got to work giving Sammy and Virginia the makeover of a lifetime. The couple got the undivided attention of some very talented hairdressers and make up artists, not to mention a whole new wardrobe to update their look. Something as simple as a haircut might seem commonplace for those who can afford it, but for Sammy and Virginia, this was a luxury they rarely get to see. Soon, the beauticians were finishing their work and the results were completely mind blowing!

Finally, the make overs were complete and Sammy and Virginia were ready to see each other for the first time after their beauty treatments. And the day wasn’t finished yet! Muchiri Frames is a photographer, after all, and now the happy couple were going to have a Valentine’s photoshoot like no other. We’re finally ready to reveal the first photos of Sammy and Virginia, and just take a look at how happy they are together! These photos aren’t just beautiful, they’re inspiring!

They look like completely different people, don’t they? But still, you can see the happiness and love that they feel for each other in these photographs. In a Facebook post, Muchiri Frames spoke about the incredible transformation, commenting, “Under the inspiration of love in its simplest form, we celebrated Valentine’s with these amazing souls and came out with great testimonies. Indeed, beneath all the dirt, tattered clothes and slurred speeches there lies beautiful individuals who would thrive like the rest of us if we offered them the opportunities. Love doesn’t discriminate, here is proof.”

Soon, the story of Sammy and Virginia had gone viral, with people all over the world falling for their love story. As the word spread, offers of help for the happy couple came flooding in and soon Sammy and Virginia even had a new home to live in, complete with furniture! Muchiri Frames updated their fans on Facebook, saying, “THERE IS GREAT PROGRESS HAPPENING. We now have a house paid for them for five months, we have someone buying a seat for the house, we have someone buying them a mattress, we have someone making some designer clothes for them, we have someone giving a bed.” These simple acts of kindness were making a huge difference.

We’d like to wish Sammy and Virginia every happiness as they move forward with their lives together. We’ll leave you with a quote from another of Muchiri Frames’ Facebook posts that we believe sums up this story perfectly. “Good deeds are like seeds under desirable conditions. Once they are buried in soil, they sprout and get a life of their own.”

What do you think of this love story between Sammy and Virginia? Do you think that true love really can conquer all? Have you ever done something simple yet kind to help homeless people in your area? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!