Photographer Captures Museum Visitors Who Blend Right In With The Artwork

Photographer Captures Museum Visitors Who Blend Right In With The Artwork

The world of art has seemingly no boundaries, everything can be art if put in the right way, and photographer Stefan Draschan has a keen eye for artistic potential. This is why he spent some of his time waiting in art galleries, waiting for the perfect people to feature in his project ‘People Matching Artworks’. The project is exactly what the name implies, and trust me, you won’t want to miss it!

1. Excuse me sir, is that your jumper or a piece of modern art?

And here’s me thinking it was just a fashion statement!

2. I couldn’t even tell there was someone there at all for a moment!

She definitely blends right in with this piece!

3. She’s right at home on this starry night!

Her clothes match the painting and her hair matches the frame! Perfection!

4. She was so late for the meeting that they cut her out of the painting altogether

Now she’s looking at the guy on the left who jumped in on what could have been her golden opportunity!

5. This is why those living statue guys shouldn’t be allowed into museums!

If he starts dancing when you give him a quarter, you know he’s not a real statue!

6. Will you choose the dark side, or the light?

Come to the dark side, Luke, it is your destiny!

7. Is that you, father?

He always wondered where his father had gone, and now he knows he was living inside a painting all along.

8. And now I have serious hair envy.

Not only is her hair gorgeous, but it blends in with a painting too. I wish I had hair like that!

9. You might not want to tell her that her dress looks like a rug.

It’s not the kind of thing a lady wants to hear about her wardrobe!

10. Maybe he was just trying to subtly suggest that they should get their roots done.

I love how her hair contrasts with that all black outfit though, I say keep it like that!

11. Where’s Karen gone? She was over there just a second ago?

Oh it’s okay, she was just perfectly camouflaged into that painting, it’s cool.

12. Just another member of the gang!

What do you think they’re plotting? They definitely look like they’re up to something!

13. Over the hills and far away…

That jumper is like something out of a fairy tale… or a masterpiece!

14. You know you’re the height of fashion when you can even make your wardrobe match this piece!

Simple, yet effective!

15. For a second I thought there were only two people in front of this painting.

Their camouflage is working better than anyone realised!

16. This is a hairy situation!

Get it? Hairy? Get it? Yeah, I’m not as funny as I think I am.

17. Flower power!

Never mind a painting, she could blend in with a whole garden!

18. Do you think they stole the rest of this artwork to make clothes from?

Stop, thief, that jacket was a priceless work of art!

19. This one is less like the art and more like the frame.

Stick ’em up, you’ve been framed!

20. A regal outing indeed!

If only I looked that good when I tie my jacket around my waist!

21. I’m trying to work out what the subject of this painting is…

I’m still not sure, anyone have any ideas?

What did you think of these people matching the artworks they’d come to see? Have you ever accidentally blended in with a piece of art yourself? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!