People Share The Tiny Acts Of Kindness They Did That Changed People’s Lives

People Share The Tiny Acts Of Kindness They Did That Changed People’s Lives

It’s been said that we live in a cruel world, but there’s still kindness out there people! The people of Reddit are sharing the small things they did that changed people’s lives for the better.

1. You could save a life without knowing it


“I just finished talking to one of my friends online, and something wasn’t right. She didn’t seem her usual weird self. The feeling didn’t go away through the night, and it got progressively worse. It was about 11:30pm and I decided to call her, just to assure myself that everything was okay. The answer I got was her incredibly angry that I woke her up. I told her I was concerned for some reason, and she hung up on me. I felt better that she was okay, and finally slept.

Fast forward 5 years, and I run into her at the shopping mall. We talked for a bit and I ended up bringing up that moment, joking that I’ve always been overly worried about my friends. She broke down in tears in the middle of the store and told me that she was going to kill herself that night. She was moments away from hanging herself when I called asking if she was okay. After that call, she couldn’t bring herself to kill herself. She said that she’s always owed her life right now to me, and that she wouldn’t be alive right now if I didn’t make that simple phone call. It made me realise how simple things can make a huge impact on someone’s life.” Deleted

2. You don’t know when you’re making someone’s day

“While I was working as a clerk at a grocery store, I took the job very seriously. I always took an interest in everyone that came in my line and always tried to converse with them, when they desired it. (I hardly conversed with my co-workers since this was strongly curbed by management, which is indeed good for the customer). One day I finished with a customer and as she leaves she looks me in the eye and says “Every time I come in here you are so helpful and kind, and that means a lot to me.” Onions… onions everywhere…” ilurksoyoudonthaveto

3. Sometimes you don’t know the difference you’re going to make

“I recently just graduated from high school, and I felt like I should send some of my teachers a thank you note. For most of my teachers, I would just send a really generic, cliche email thanking him/her for teaching me etc. But there was one teacher in particular who really touched my heart and made me appreciate his teaching (We’ll call him Mr. X).

For a little background information, Mr. X is a pretty tall, buff, tatoo-covered guy. He’s also gay, and a lot of students would usually try not to associate with him, or even talk with him because of his sexuality. I’m straight, but I feel pretty indifferent about the fact that he’s gay. He was my biology teacher when I was a junior, and he was such a nice person to me. But the thing that really makes me admire him is the fact that he is diagnosed with being HIV positive, and he’s still teaching (I think he’s in his mid 40’s, which is even more impressive).

I spent a few hours typing up a very heart-felt email, and I sent it to him the day before I graduated.

The next day, as I was preparing to graduate, he came up to me and gave me an enormous hug. He was also in tears, sobbing and telling me that was the first time anybody has sent him such a thoughtful email in all his years of teaching. It turns out he was going through a serious time of depression, and he was not sure whether or not he wanted to continue to teach since he did not feel that many students really appreciated his time and effort. But my email gave him more hope, and refuelled his passion and motivation to continue to teach. He even told me that printed out a copy of my email and keeps it in his desk, so “whenever he is doubting himself or feels like there’s no point in living, he’ll read my email and know that his hard work is not going to waste.”

Needless to say, we have stayed in contact ever since. He has done so much in my life, and a nice thank you note was all he needed to give him a motivation boost.” kkuan

4. I hope somebody will be this kind to me when I’m old…

“I volunteered at a senior citizens community during my freshman and sophomore years of high school. My favorite thing to have all the elderly people come to the lounge and I’d tell them about my life whether it be school, relationship problems (they give the best relationship advice), etc. And they would tell awesome stories from their past, reliving different time periods in their lives with each other. I would just sit there and listen and have a good time. Eventually my dad got a new job in a different city, so I told them that I would be leaving soon. On the last day, they all wrote me a card, and bought me a cake. Of course I teared up and so did they as well. We all said our goodbyes and they all left, but as a volunteer, I had to stay behind and clean up. One lady stayed behind, came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. She said that she was lonely after her husband passed and that her children died before any of them could get married so she never got to have grandkids. Every time she saw me, she would think, “my grandchild would’ve been just like him.” I cried even more, hugged her, thanked her for all the experiences.

Half a year later, I got an email from my volunteer coordinator. This same elderly woman was sick and dying and wished to see me. I drove the 3 hours to see her and man, we had such a fun time just chit-chatting. The coordinator emailed me later saying how wonderful it was for me to visit her and she had the biggest smile on her face after I had left until she passed. It was touching.

Those two years volunteering there have changed my life. I’ve just had a better look on life, learned to embrace the elderly (they’ve always got the best advice), and somehow changed my view on death. I’ve just recently been able to accept that we all die, and not to be afraid of it. If it happens, it happens, but live life to the fullest so that one day, I can retell all of my life stories to some volunteer that hangs out with me when I’m old.” musictomyomelette

5. You are beautiful, no matter what they say…

“I’ve lived in the same town almost my whole life (left for a little while, but came back). I have grown up with the same group of people for as long as I can remember. When I was in elementary school, I used to hang out with almost everyone, and was a pretty popular kid. Every day during lunch, I would play basketball out in the “covered areas”. One day the ball rolled out towards the field, and I decided to go grab it. This girl that I knew was pretty shy was playing with rocks by herself when the ball rolled near her. I, not thinking anything of it, called out “Hey beautiful, would you pass me that ball?”. Her face went from a depressed frown, to a giant smile. Without saying a word she passed me back the ball, and I went on my way.

Fast forward years. We’re in high school now. I’m a freshman going to get my schedule for my day. This stunning girl walks up to me with a huge smile. “Hi cutie, how was your summer?” We start talking, and I find out that that day had changed her life. She told me no one had ever said much of anything to her, especially not calling her beautiful. From that day on she was able to come out of her shell, because when she looked in the mirror, she knew someone saw something in her.

We ended up dating, and she was a wonderful person, inside and out.” clown_6


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