16 People Who Got Unbelievably Lucky

16 People Who Got Unbelievably Lucky

9. A Close Call

This is like something straight out of the Final Destination films!

10. Locked In

When these two kids ended up getting locked inside of a supermarket overnight they ended up taking serious advantage of the situation. 

They ate a lot of nice food from the shelves to make sure they’d make it through until the morning.

11. Rogue Ax

Getting to a car crash and escaping is one thing, missing a shot to the head with an ax is another. But this? This is some serious luck!

12. Cyclone

Sometimes you don’t even realize how lucky you were until you witness the aftermath.

This lucky person went out after a cyclone hit their hometown. Right next to her car was a big tree that had fallen. Luckily, it had completely missed her car.

13. Lucky Strip Of Information

After realizing they had shredded a receipt they needed, they luckily found a strip with the information they needed.

14. Four Leaf Clover

For most of us, finding a flour lear clover is something we’ll never do!

But this person ended up with a whole bouquet!

15. Another Close Call

Talk about getting lucky!

16. Dropped Keys

Dropping your car keys down a metal grate isn’t a joking matter. But this person managed to get very lucky when it came to dropping their own keys!

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