Orange Sized Abscess Leaves Mom Unable To Sit Down For 10 Years

Orange Sized Abscess Leaves Mom Unable To Sit Down For 10 Years

Pimple popping is a huge trend on the internet right now, people actually sit and watch other people pop spots, blackheads and cysts and love it! It’s a love it or hate it trend, but if you’re a fan of pimple popping I know you’d want to get your hands on this unbelievable ten year abscess.

Mom of six Nicola Fletcher developed an abscess on her butt left her unable to sit down for ten whole years! As someone who likes to spend their time sprawled out on the couch, that thought is pretty horrifying to me.

The abscess on thirty six year old Nicola’s butt grew to be the size of an orange and left her in significant discomfort. The abscesses started growing when Nicola was nineteen and were a result of her suffering from Crohn’s disease.

After spending ten years in agonising pain with the abscess that forced her to kneel or stand rather than sitting down, Nicola was finally granted surgery to remove it. Doctors slowly removed parts of her right butt cheek in an operation that left her with terrible scarring all over that side of her butt.

Nicola’s confidence was destroyed by the scar and she commented, “I spent 10 years in horrific pain and although I was so glad that they were able to treat it, I was really embarrassed by the scar it left.” But Nicola has finally reached a solution that has put the spring back in her step, as she’s covered the scarring with a huge tattoo of a beautiful rose.


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