Why You Should NEVER Get Lemon Water at Restaurants

Why You Should NEVER Get Lemon Water at Restaurants

We’re always being told to drink more water, and lately lemon water has become a pretty popular drink choice. In fact, it is starting to become a trend everywhere that you go!

At home, people drink lemon water as they believe it’s a good method of detoxification for the body. Also, the lemon water that you drink at home is considerably safer than when you go out.

These, days, in places like restaurants, you get it all the time. Often, your server will just bring a pitcher over to your table. It’s water for the table, right? I didn’t know tables got so thirsty!

At first you might think that you are doing yourself a favor by drinking up but before you take your next sip, you need to know a few things about lemon water in public places.

That’s because it’s also becoming a common sight even in coffee shops around the world and the fact that this lemon water free for anybody to grab a drink, makes it hard to resist!

However, the information that you are about to read will make you think twice about drinking from that glass or pitcher that restaurants often serve. In fact, it might turn you off from the idea of ever drinking it again even though it seems like this simple combination may have some amazing benefits  that literally anybody gravitate towards. Therefore, nobody seems to have a problem drinking any lemon water presented to them in public.

It’s definitely something to be encouraged, that is,  trying to drink more lemon water during your day-to-day routine. Especially if you mix it in with some hot water first thing in the morning, that’s really supposed to start your day off right.

But maybe next time when you go out to eat at a restaurant, get the waiter or waitress to bring just plain water, or iced water. And when you see that water at coffee shops, give it a miss if it has lemon floating in there.

Why? Well, let’s be clear, the notion that lemon is super healthy and good for you isn’t totally wrong. Lemon water has been proven to help cleanse your system, get your skin looking better, and even keep your body at a healthy weight. So, what’s the hangup?

Sure, it’s a little surprising, but a restaurant is the last place you want to enjoy a lemon in your water.

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A 2007 study in the Journal of Environmental Health tested 76 lemons from 21 restaurants for germs. They discovered that an amazing – and disgusting! – nearly 70% of the lemon slices tested were covered in bacteria, viruses, and other microbes! Obviously, this takes away from the lemon’s health properties

The kind of stuff they found included such nasty bugs as the disease-causing E. coli bacteria. Another investigation carried out that tested one lemon from 10 different restaurants also found that half the wedges contained human waste!

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So it doesn’t even bear thinking about what you’re drinking when you order lemon water at a restaurant! It could literally be poop you’re drinking!

But surely restaurants have strict health and safety standards, right? So why is it that things like lemon wedges are so incredibly contaminated?

Well, as it turns out, restaurant health standards tend to be less strict for garnishes, which is what lemons are classed as.

One investigation noticed that restaurant workers often grabbed lemons without gloves or tongs, which they would do for other foodstuff.

So say they didn’t quite scrub their hands thoroughly enough after using the bathroom or touching another germ-ridden spot. They didn’t mean to do that, but it ends up meaning there’s a good chance they’re covering your lemon slice in bacteria before plopping it right in your ice water! This is what is the most disturbing part of the whole thing because nobody wants to drink anything that might have microscopic particles of poop in it!

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That’s pretty gross, right?

As nasty as these findings are, experts say that the average immune system is equipped to handle these kinds of germs. The odds of contracting some kind of infection or illness from a dirty lemon at a restaurant are pretty slim. Even so, some measures must be taken, especially by a restaurant or coffee house, which should protect the public from such contamination. Otherwise, how can we possibly trust going out to eat at all? Let alone, drink lemon water in public places!

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Just like when servers have to wear gloves when preparing our food, the same should be done when they handle the lemons that they use in our water.

Especially since water is so completely absorbed into the system and we often drink plenty of it.

For that reason, there’s a huge concern that there’s not enough cautions in place for such an abundantly supplied beverage.

Also, the fact that it’s served for free might be a larger incentive to say “yes” to this contaminated concoction.

So, where that leave us now? Basically, it’s extremely important to know what you are eating and drinking in public.

And although our bodies capable of handling a certain about of contaminates and studies suggest that this is not too harmful, that doesn’t exactly make it any less unpleasant to think about though, does it?

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to avoid ordering lemon water from here on out.

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The final alternative is taking the time to learn whether or not your local eatery is taking precautions to make sure that isn’t happen in THEIR place of business.

In order to do this, you can simply ask if they use gloves when handling the lemons that go into the water. If they say “no” then you can kindly suggest that they do in the future

Most places of business are thankful for your input and want you to return as a customer.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you do, they will heed your warning and handle their lemons with care in the future.

Otherwise, they run the risk of losing business. However, do not feel bad by kindly demanding this standard from the places you eat.

You are the only one who’s in control of what goes into your body and so it’s important that you are not timid about these standards.

You are doing yourself and your family a huge favor because you don’t want to be sick or worse, bring that sickness home to those you love!

In our lives, we ought to be careful of how we handle our food, both in public and in private simply because our health is at stake every time that we don’t pay close attention to this sort of stuff.

The lesson for all of us who want to drink lemon water as part of a healthy diet day to day couldn’t be clearer, then!

First, always scrub your hands thoroughly before preparing any food, and make sure you wash those lemons before plonking them in your drink.

After all, anything could be lurking on the outside peel of a lemon, right? Remember this peel is meant to protect the goodness inside and therefore, nobody pays much attention to the rind. However, it’s important that we start because the alternative is a world full of contaminated lemon water and it’s clear that nobody wants that!

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