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We live in a beautiful world, surrounded by incredible trees that have been there for decades, even centuries.

There are birds in the sky, rabbits running across fields of wheat, and there’s a lovely blue sky outside!

Seriously, if you haven’t noticed how beautiful the world around us is, then you’ve been seriously neglecting yourself!

We often just focus on where we’re going and what we’re doing rather than what’s going on around us.

It’s kind of selfish of us really!

One of the most beautiful things in the world is the sea.

I absolutely love the sea and all the mysterious things in it!

But something incredible was recently discovered in a giant hole (under the sea) in the Great Barrier Reef and it’s utterly incredible!

It’s amazing to think we’ve only just discovered something that’s existed for possibly centuries.

That’s the best thing about the ocean, the fact that most of it is still unexplored!

There are just a few areas of the sea that are too dangerous for us to explore without spending a lot of money on some pretty high tech equipment, and I don’t have time for that!

Recently a group of scientists was exploring a giant hole in the Great Barrier Reef, but they made a shocking discovery.

The hole was 125 miles away from Daydream Island, in northeast Australia. The hole has only ever been described by geologists in the past.

There is very little known about this hole, but the original exploration of the whole suggested that coral bleaching on the reef, the hole has a mass of healthy coral colonies!

Johnny Gaskell is a marine biologist from the Whitsundays, Australia, and he shared the stunning image of the hole on his Instagram.

He said:

“This blue hole has previously been described by geologists who suggested it could be even older than the famous Great Blue Hole, in Belize.

“Its location is in one of the least explored parts Great Barrier Reef, over 200km from Daydream Island. ‘To get there we had to travel overnight for 10 hours and time the tides perfectly. Was well worth it.”

Yesterday's Blue Hole mission in the Great Barrier Reef. This Blue Hole has previously been explored and documented by geologists who suggested it could be even older than the famous Great Blue Hole, in Belize. It's location is in one of the least explored parts Great Barrier Reef, over 200km from our home @daydreamislandresort . To get there we had to travel overnight for 10 hours and time the tides perfectly… Was well worth it! Inside the walls was similar to the site we explored a few weeks back, but this hole was deeper and almost perfectly circular. We dived down to just over 20m yesterday, before hitting bare sediment, that slowly sloped towards the centre. Again it was great to see big healthy coral colonies. Stay tuned for video footage of the coral within…

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This blue hole is a marine sinkhole that has extended well below sea level. These incredible formations were created during ice ages that happened centuries ago.

These sinkholes were created when the sea level was as much as 100-120 meters lower than it is today!

Over time the glacial runoff started dissolving the limestone ground, which contributed to the formation of the sinkhole. Pretty neat, right?

The roofs of these caverns eventually collapse, and left the deep hole that you see in these photos! 

Johnny and his team of divers explored just 20 meters of this sinkhole and the divers discovered coral that had now been affected by bleaching.

Johnny said:

‘It was great to see big healthy coral colonies.’ 

This discovery of healthy coral came as a surprise to many experts and the divers, especially when you consider the coral bleaching elsewhere in the Great Barrier Reef.

The reef has been hit with two successive bleaching events in 2016 and again this year.

Experts are concerned about the impact of global warming on this incredible act of nature.

Bleached states can last for up to six weeks with some corals able to recover if the temperature eventually drops, but in some cases, bleached corals will die off.

The discovery of healthy coral in this sinkhole raises some serious hope for the rest of the Great Barrier Reef and its chances of survival during global warming. 

Some of you may be confused about Coral bleaching and what it is, well don’t worry! Aunty has you covered!

Coral bleaching results in white bleached-out reefs, where these reefs lose their bright and brilliant colors.

The color of coral comes from tiny algae that live in its tissues.

But when the sea temperatures change, often the result of climate change, it makes the environment too hot for the coral, and the algae get ejected, turning the coral white.

Without the algae, the coral cannot survive.

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