Mom Takes Upset Autistic Son To TGI Fridays And Is Amazed When She Sees The Receipt

Mom Takes Upset Autistic Son To TGI Fridays And Is Amazed When She Sees The Receipt

Soon, the waiter was back again with a gift that would make anyone smile. Jen commented, “A little while later he came over and asked me if he could buy a pudding, any pudding off the menu, for Os. Well there was no stopping Boo… Chocolate Brownie it was! When he served it I asked why. ‘Because he’s a superhero!’ was his reply.” Well whose day wouldn’t be made better by a lovely chocolate brownie? That would turn any day around!

And true to his word, the waiter had bought the dessert for Oscar, but he didn’t just tell him that in any way. When Jen saw the receipt she couldn’t believe the reason it gave for Oscars discount. She told her followers about the bill, “And on the bill… SUPERHERO was the discount given. Fantastic service.” Is anyone else’s heart feeling thoroughly warmed by this story? I know mine is!

Jen told The Mirror that since she posted about their trip to TGI Fridays the post has gone viral and the response has been amazing. She said, “It’s been really emotional. The reaction has been amazing, and I’m so passionate about helping those with disabilities that it’s great to have this reaction.”

Oscar couldn’t be happier with the way the internet has reacted to his story. Jen revealed, “Oscar keeps asking me: ‘How many people like me today mummy? Is it 8,000 yet?’ – I had to tell him it was more than double. He couldn’t believe it.”

Since the post went viral, TGI Fridays have offered Jen and Oscar more vouchers but they’ve asked that the money be donated to the Heart Link Children’s Charity instead. This charity supported Oscar after he was born and means a lot to the family.

Jen has said that she appreciates what TGI Fridays did to make her son feel better. She said, Thanks to TGI, and the response it has had, he’s gone away to school feeling like a real superhero. It just goes to show that anyone can be anything they want, and the kindness of others goes a long way.”

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