Mom Takes Upset Autistic Son To TGI Fridays And Is Amazed When She Sees The Receipt

Mom Takes Upset Autistic Son To TGI Fridays And Is Amazed When She Sees The Receipt

The world can be a cruel place and more and more people can feel unloved and lost in the crowd of our modern age. That’s why it means so much to us when someone we don’t know displays the kind of kindness that we’re not used to nowadays. It really is the little things that can make someone’s day a million times better.

Recently, a small act of kindness was shown towards a young autistic boy named Oscar and the world can’t get enough of the happiness this has caused. Studies have shown that autism has become twice as prevalent since 2006, so we’re hearing more and more about it and how it affects the individuals who suffer from it. Today, we’re going to hear Oscar’s story.

Oscar is a little boy from England who suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD. He also suffers from heart problems which mean he has to have ongoing cardiological care. This combination of conditions can make things hard for Oscar, and limits the things he can do with his life. Recently, Oscars mom, Jen Goodland-Wyatt, has told the world about once occasion that turned Oscars day around after receiving some bad news.

Jen took Oscar to a local TGI Fridays restaurant after he’d been to a visit to his cardiologist that left him feeling disheartened. Oscar is obsessed with Star Wars and superheroes and wanted to take up karate so he could be more like the heroes he admires. Unfortunately, his cardiologist had told him that he couldn’t take up karate because of his heart condition. This news left Oscar heartbroken as he believed that it meant that he wasn’t a superhero.

When Oscar and his Mom arrived at TGI Fridays, Jen explained to the man on reception that Oscar had autism and that the news he’d just heard had upset him. They were seated at their table and just ten minutes later a waitress arrived and told Oscar, “I understand you’re a superhero. Here’s your menu.” They ordered their food and the visit to TGI Fridays only got better from this moment on.

Jen wrote about her experience in a Facebook post, and told the world that Oscar’s mood was already starting to lift. She went on, “Dinner arrived and then a new waiter came over and asked ‘Is your dinner OK?’ Os replied ‘It’s only just got here silly!’ and laughed.” It seems like the staff had already made Oscar feel more at ease, but his amazing day wasn’t going to stop there!

The waiter went away from the table so Oscar and his Mom could continue eating but it wasn’t long before he was back with another special gesture for Oscar. Jen went on, “The waiter smiled and walked away. He returned moments later with two balloon models he’d made for Os.” They really were going above and beyond to make his day a special one, and they hadn’t even reached dessert yet!


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