Mom Gets Pregnant But Never Tells Dad. 45 Years Later, Her Gut Says To Check Her Email

Mom Gets Pregnant But Never Tells Dad. 45 Years Later, Her Gut Says To Check Her Email

Whenever a woman becomes pregnant and decides not to reveal this information to the father of the child, there’s always the future to contend with because no matter how hard you hide the truth, it seems to come out. In this case, Vikki Michele was that child and her mother never told the father or Vikki that either of them existed. Therefore, the father never knew that he had a baby girl and Vikki never knew that she had a real father for decades.

They both lived separate lives at yet, they were destined to see other one day.

Until then, Vikki she grew up with her biological mother and a man who she called “dad” for all of her life, never knowing that she had a “real” father because that was always kept secret from her. Nonetheless, she had a terrific childhood and loved the man that she called “father” very much. Even so, she always had the feeling that something was missing. This seems to be the case with so many children do who are kept in the dark about who their biological parents are.

Perhaps her father felt the same way as well somewhere out in the world.

Even so, her biological father, Ian, was unaware that he had a daughter and has since become a father to his son that he named Ian as well which means that Vikki has a half-brother too! Although nobody even knew it at the time and Vikki grew to have her own family, never knowing the truth about the fact that she had a biological father. That is, until the father who raised her eventually died. When this happened, she also found out the truth that he wasn’t her biological father at all.

This made you feel hopeful about finding her “real” father even after all of this time.

At this point, she was anxious to track down her real father, Ian, in order to let him now that he has a grown daughter. However, the only things that she had to aid her was his name and some old photos. Even so, she took to the internet and used Google and Facebook to her advantage. She also sent out 75 letters to church parishes in Australia and India and called every surname in the city that Ian was raised, leaving over 140 voicemails with hopes that someone would know who he was.

Finally, she received some good news in an email.

She had left a voicemail saying that she was a friend of her mother’s who happened to be looking for Ian. She then left her email address in order to contact her. At the time, she didn’t think much of it but when she was going to sit down for a Thanksgiving meal the next day, her instinct told her to check her email first.  In it, she found out the her voicemail was received and that she had, in fact, found her biological father!

They met for the first time in the airport.  He flew from Australia to Canada to meet with her.

As you can imagine, the reunion was tearful.  However, it was also full of smiles and hugs.  The two of them became acquainted face to face for the first time and in doing so, they formed a connection that is sure to last the rest of their lives.  Their entire reunion was videotaped and it is absolutely astonishing to watch their faces light up when they see each other for the first time.

They were thankful that they found each other.

After her first contact with him by email, it took approximately six months to finally meet up.  Therefore, they had some time to get to know each other by way of phone calls and emails in the meanwhile.  However, it was still a completely different experience when they met for the first time.

They spent a lot of time catching up with each other.

She also got to meet her new half-brother.  This was very exciting for her as well and the two of them are photographed and filmed in order to capture their joy in seeing each other first time and getting to be a family. They were thrilled that they were able to find each other in this great big world and they literally could not stop smiling all day.

They spent all day with each other and were extremely happy that their reunion took place.