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Almost everyone is secretly battling something behind closed doors—whether it be an abusive relationship, stress at work, or a health issue.

Of course, there’s no way for the rest of us to know what those things are when you can’t see them, and this can make it difficult to help, or even just to be considerate of these issues, without a sign.

It’s for this reason that some children around the United States started sporting tiny hearts drawn on their wrists.

While they might initially look like simple doodles, these hearts actually represent something more significant. So if you ever see a child walking around with a tiny heart drawn on their wrist, you don’t have to wonder any more about what it means…

It’s important to remember that everyone is fighting their own personal battles, and be mindful of it. Whether it’s money trouble or a family member fighting an illness, we all know what it’s like to experience the harder aspects of life. There are few people who know that better than Liz Petrone, a New Yorker and mother of 4.

As the owner and operator of, she regularly blogged about her life in central New York.

Despite having a global reach with her site, Liz has never been one to shy away from personal issues.

Liz talked frequently about her family and especially her kids. One recent post, however, really caught people’s attention.

Sharing deeply personal stories was exactly why Liz started her blog in the first place, so it wasn’t a surprise when she began posting about her son, Luca.

It was when her readers learned why she had recently drawn a heart on his hand that they couldn’t help but feel moved.

Having battled mental health herself, Liz has openly blogged about postpartum depression, otherwise known as postnatal depression, which she dealt with after giving birth to her third child.

In her blogs, she described the symptoms and severity of her condition, and often stressed the integrity of National Postpartum Depression Awareness Month, as well as the importance of keeping the conversation about this issue going.

“We need to keep talking, even when we don’t want to, even when it’s unsightly or embarrassing or uncomfortable… Because one in eight women suffers from postpartum depression or anxiety following the birth of a child,” Liz’s post read. So what was the deal with that heart?

As an advocate of being open about mental health, it only made sense Liz would write about it when she noticed Luca beginning to exhibit signs of anxiety. With that, she blogged about one especially challenging time in his life.

Not long ago, while waiting for a late-running school bus, Liz noticed that her usually chatty son had grown quiet. As they waited, he became noticeably anxious.