Mom Can’t Get Pregnant For Years, But Then Doctors ‘Turn White’ When She Conceives Two Sets Of Triplets!

Mom Can’t Get Pregnant For Years, But Then Doctors ‘Turn White’ When She Conceives Two Sets Of Triplets!

“It’s just very hard to hear that you may not be able to get to have children,” Courtney says.

So once again, the couple turned to IVF to increase their chances, but they certainly couldn’t predict what would happen next.

News came to them that Courtney was pregnant again.

But the doctor was absolutely shocked and apparently ‘turned white’ when he saw the ultrasound he took.

That’s because it revealed another set of triplets!

Two sets of triplets!

But even that isn’t the most amazing part of the story, as a doctor explained to them.

The in vitro fertilization had worked as intended, but Courtney had also conceived naturally in the same month! Once again, one of the eggs split which lead to Philip and Courtney having identical twins, and a third baby!

History repeated itself as the twins Wells and Vivienne were born alongside their fraternal sister Georgie.

Two twins and a sister for them, making triplets? Twice? It’s almost too amazing a story to believe!

For the second time, these parents got the new that they were having surprise triplets against unimaginable odds.

Philip and Courtney couldn’t wait to share their news with the world, and decided to tell their first three children, now all seven years of age, first! Before they made the special announcement, mom and dad wanted their kids to guess what the surprise would be.

“Does anyone have any idea what the surprise is?” they asked: one of the kids suspected it was a puppy, while another was hoping to get a new XBox game.

When the actual surprise was revealed that “Mommy’s pregnant!”, all of the kids yelled out “oh no!”, especially after hearing there would be three new sisters in the house now that mommy was pregnant with triplets once again.

You can always rely on kids to give an honest reaction! We hope they got that XBox game they were dreaming of too!

Apparently all’s well that ends well, as all six children are now inseparable. Mom and dad even called it love at first sight. Each older sibling now loves to watch over one of their little sisters and they are all just one big happy family.

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