Mom Can’t Get Pregnant For Years, But Then Doctors ‘Turn White’ When She Conceives Two Sets Of Triplets!

Mom Can’t Get Pregnant For Years, But Then Doctors ‘Turn White’ When She Conceives Two Sets Of Triplets!

Isn’t it heartwarming when people don’t just get what they want, but they get what they deserve too?

Most people don’t think twice about starting a family, it’s what most of us get married to do.

That’s just how things are done, right? You get married, then have kids.

But for some couples it’s just not that simple, and it’s not just work, life and other commitments that get in the way.

For some people, having kids is next to impossible through no fault of their own.

Just asking newlyweds Philip and Courtney Garrett, from New Orleans, USA.

They know exactly what it’s like to face tremendous odds over something as simple but as important as a family.

The couple wanted to expand their family ever since they first got married.

But after years and years of trying to have have, it soon became apparent that the whole was going to be extremely difficult, and way harder than either of them had prepared for.

The years of trying finally paid off seven years ago, Courtney discovered that she was finally pregnant!

And the surprises didn’t end there, as not only was she pregnant, but she was having triplets! Soon, Philip and Courtney welcomed Oliver, Jack, and Ellie into the world seven years ago.

“We were just ecstatic. Ecstatic!” the couple recalled after hearing the news that they were having triplets.

After a lot of trying to conceive naturally, the desperate parents had begun to receive IVF treatment, which explains the sudden pregnancy.

Two eggs were transferred via in vitro fertilization (IVF), and when one of those eggs split, it resulted in Oliver and Jack becoming identical twins!

“I didn’t think that was possible and I was like, ok,” Courtney recalls. Philip also remembers that it was a quite shocking moment for the couple. However, they couldn’t be any happier with their beautiful children.

But the story doesn’t end there, as the Garretts wanted to try one more time to expand their family further. Philip and Courtney had just one more wish, and that was to give Oliver, Jack, and Ellie another sibling.

They wanted to have one more child, but that didn’t quite go exactly as they had planned.

The old familiar problems returned at first, and Courtney was having difficulties becoming pregnant naturally again, just like when they had been trying to conceive a baby for years.


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