This Aspiring Model Lost Her Hair In Her 20’s, But Was Offered A Modeling Contract When She Ditched Her Wig

This Aspiring Model Lost Her Hair In Her 20’s, But Was Offered A Modeling Contract When She Ditched Her Wig

Premature hair loss is usually something that we associate with being a male condition. With male pattern baldness, it’s not uncommon for young men to lose a lot of their hair, or even go completely bald, before the age of 30.

However, it can easily happen to women too, and the results can be just as devastating, if not more so.


The beautiful woman above is 26 year-old Therese Hanson, who is one of the many young women across the world suffering from a condition called alopecia, in which those affected lose hair in large patches, or often all over their head.

Unlike male pattern baldness, it can happen very suddenly, and there’s no chance of the lost hair ever growing back.


Being naturally very good-looking, Therese found work as a model early on in her adult life, and things were going great, until one day she noticed that clumps of her hair were falling out in quick succession.


After visiting her doctor, she was officially diagnosed with alopecia. Although the condition is in no way physically harmful to the rest of the body, and is certainly not life-threatening, the news came as a devastating blow to the young model, who found it very difficult to come to terms with the news.


Struggling to come to terms with her new image, Therese resorted to wearing wigs to hide her condition. She saw it as her only way to pursue work as a model, as had been her plan all along.


For some time, she continued this way, keeping it a secret that she wore wigs, and telling the truth to only those closest to her. This is an entirely common approach, particularly for female patients, for whom hair loss is not something they ever even considered having to deal with.


However, one day Therese decided that enough was enough, and decided to bring her condition out into the open – she ditched the wigs, and started taking her modelling shots with her head on display. It was a move that filled her with confidence, and ended up paying off for her, too.


Therese was soon contacted by GC management, a modelling company who prie themselves on embracing individuality and diversity. They noticed her striking look in her application, and immediately contacted her to ask whether she would be interested in signing up for a major modelling contract.


Of course, Therese agreed. This was a dream come true for the Swedish model, who says that she is now really glad that she revealed her condition. She is quoted as saying that she is proud of her decision, and hopes that she can inspire young women who are suffering with the condition around the world to do the same.


Therese is now more confident than ever, and absolutely killing it as a model. I mean, just look at all these photos! Truly stunning.

It just goes to show – you shouldn’t let anything stop you from chasing your dreams. What might first appear to be a setback can actually be a golden opportunity!

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