This Military Diet Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds In Just 3 Days

This Military Diet Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds In Just 3 Days

If you ask what most people would change about themselves, I bet that a large amount would answer that they would like to lose weight.

It’s understandable, since fat loss can lead to most people feeling better about themselves and also have health benefits at the same time.

Reducing body fat and lowering body weight can do wonders for a person’s blood pressure and cholesterol, and can help them in being more active and live a healthier lifestyle.

There are lots of fancy diets and exercise regimes out there, but basically, they can be reduced to one simple rule. You’ve got to burn more calories than you take in.

Sounds simple, right? Weight loss is bound to occur when you eat less than what your body needs!

Eat less, move more. That way your body burn stored fat to use as energy, not get it from the food you eat.

But as most of us know, it’s rarely quite that simple, and many people struggle with dieting.

For those of us who just need a jump start on our diets, a big reduction on the scale can give us that boost and motivation that we need.

Maybe something like this three day military diet will be give you that bump in confidence you need. The best part about it is that this diet can help you lose 10 pounds, and fast!

It’s worth noting that this diet is intended for women, but men can give it a go too, by adding an extra 100 calories a day in the form of protein.

Maybe actual members of the military use this diet, and maybe not. It’s called ‘military’ because like with any diet, you need to show discipline when you follow it!

But jeez Louise does it work! It’s not because of fancy foods that claim to be able to burn fat, but simply because of the reduction of calories.

Did I mention that there is even ice cream included? What more of an excuse do you need?

This diet lasts three days, then take 4 days off, and repeat until you achieve your desired results. Those 4 days don’t mean you can eat whatever you want though! The goal should still be to eat around 1,500 calories or less.

As with any strict diet, you should always consult your physician before you take it on, but otherwise… good luck!

Day 1: Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It will give you energy first thing in the morning and it can help kickstart your metabolism.

For the first meal of this diet you can have half a grapefruit, 1 slice of toast (whole wheat or multigrain is best) with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

If you’re allergic to peanuts you can substitute it with almond butter, soy butter, sunflower seed butter, hummus, pumpkin butter, or bean dip!

Wash it all down with a cup of BLACK tea or coffee; you’re not allowed to add any sugar, cream, milk or sweetener.

This isn’t essential to the diet as you can substitute it with any amount of water, but green tea and coffee both help burn calories, and black coffee has the ability to suppress your appetite.

Day 1: Lunch

Lunch consists of half a cup of tuna, another slice of toast (no peanut butter this time) and water, black coffee or tea.

Add more flavor with seasonings like garlic salt, pepper, honey mustard, but no high-calorie dressings.

Day 1: Dinner

3 ounces of any type of meat, 1 cup of green beans, half a banana, one small apple and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot of food, but if you’ve got to drop the calories if you wanna drop the pounds!

Day 2: Breakfast

Your morning meal should include one slice of multi grain or whole wheat toast, one whole egg, and half a banana.

Day 2: Lunch

One cup of cottage cheese (or you can replace it with 1 slice of cheddar cheese), 1 hard boiled egg and 5 saltine crackers.

Due to low calorie intake on this diet, it is not recommended to work out intensely, but go for a brisk 30 minute walk instead.

Day 2: Dinner

You can have two hot dogs (minus the buns), 1 cup of broccoli, half a cup of carrots, half a banana, and half a cup of vanilla ice cream. If you don’t feel like dessert, you can substitute the ice cream with one cup of apple juice or one cup of vanilla, strawberry or banana flavored almond milk.

Vegetables should be steamed, baked, boiled or eaten raw and meat should be grilled or baked on this diet. If you are a vegetarian then you can substitute the protein sources with tofu, lentils, beans or portobello mushrooms.

Day 3: Breakfast

The final day has arrived! For breakfast, you are to have 5 saltine crackers, 1 slice of cheddar cheese and 1 small apple.

Saltine crackers can be replaced like for like with rice cakes and cheddar cheese can be replaced with ham, eggs, cabbage or soy cheese. It’s black coffee or caffeinated tea to drink again.

Day 3: Lunch

A light lunch of one slice of whole wheat or multi grain toast and one hard boiled egg is all you get on day three. You can switch the egg out for one cup of milk, two slices of bacon or just one chicken wing.

The thing about this diet that causes weight loss is the rapid reduction of calorie intake from day one to day three.

Day 3: Dinner

The finish line is in sight! You can have 1 cup of tuna, half a banana and one cup of vanilla ice cream.

Remember, no snacking allowed! You need to eat these foods and these foods only. Alcohol is also strictly prohibited, even on your 4 days off. If you need a drink, then only one glass of wine is permitted.

Also, weight and fat loss are two different things, so  10 pounds lost in 3 days does not mean 10 pounds of fat. The reduction in calories and salt will cause you to shed some water weight, poop and some fat as well.

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