Melissa McCarthy Lost 75 Pounds For A Movie And She Looks Incredible

Melissa McCarthy Lost 75 Pounds For A Movie And She Looks Incredible

Melissa McCarthy has been one of our favourite comedy actresses for years now. We fell in love with her when she appeared as Lorelei’s best friend, chef Sookie, in Gilmore Girls and since then her career has blown up. She’s featured on Saturday Night Live, had us rolling around with laughter in Bridesmaids and been at the head of the all female Ghostbusters team for the movie reboot. It seems like the world’s her oyster right now and Hollywood loves her just as much as we do!

This week, we’ve seen a lot of transformations on the Hollywood scene. We’ve been stunned by Christina Aguilera’s no make up photo shoot and wondered how her skin is still as perfect as an eighteen year old’s after all this time, I mean seriously, has she found the fountain of youth? We’ve also seen Brie Larson show off her muscles as she prepares to play Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie about the superhero. It seems like celebrity transformations are everywhere right now and all of a sudden Melissa McCarthy seems to be jumping right onto the band wagon to join Brie and Christina.

Of course, we know Melissa McCarthy for being the hilariously talented comedienne she is, and her acting skills have charmed us on the big screen and the small screen. I mean, who didn’t laugh when she tried to seduce the man on the plane in Bridesmaids, because I was giggling at that for weeks! But McCarthy isn’t just known for being a funny woman, she’s known for being a plus sized funny woman, pushing Hollywood boundaries not just with her gender, but with her body type.

Hollywood hasn’t always been friendly to plus sized women, and trying to break the stereotype that women aren’t funny has been an unnecessarily difficult one, McCarthy has broken both of those expectations into pieces during her career. She’s embraced her identity as a plus sized woman and inspired other plus sized women who wish to enter the industry, while also proving that women can be just as funny, if not funnier, than the men out there in Hollywood. But although McCarthy has always seemed incredibly comfortable in her own skin, she’s recently made a big change that has turned heads all over the world.

Viral Thread has recently reported that Melissa McCarthy has dropped an astounding 75 pounds, which is the same as 34 kilograms, in order to prepare for a movie role and the photo of her transformation is absolutely astounding! She looks happier and healthier than ever and the big smile on her face shows just how she’s feeling about her weight loss transformation. As people all over the world marvel at how far she’s come on her journey, so many of us are wondering how she did it? It makes a big lifestyle change to drop so much weight, and luckily for us, McCarthy has shared some of her secrets.

It turns out that one of the big secrets behind Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss transformation is a big change in her diet. She’s switched to a ketogenic diet, which is basically a high fat, low carb diet that promotes fat burn for energy in the body. It’s the big name in dieting right now and it seems to have worked wonders for McCarthy! Back off other faddy diets, keto is here and the results are speaking for themselves! McCarthy’s recent social media posts show just how wonderful she looks right now and as long as she’s happy with that, we’re happy too!

The movie that Melissa McCarthy has shed 75 pounds to feature in is called “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” It’s a biographical drama about literary forger and thief Lee Israel, and could be McCarthy’s big break into more serious Hollywood roles. However, McCarthy’s motivation hasn’t just come from a movie role, she’s also been spurred on by how she feels about herself. When asked about how she feels, McCarthy has commented, “I think I’m more confident than I’ve ever felt in my life. I always thought it was worth the fight. Now I know it is.” We couldn’t agree more!

What do you think of Melissa McCarthy’s incredible weight loss transformation? Have you ever gone through an amazing weight loss transformation of you own that you’d like to talk about? What was your motivation for turning your life around and becoming healthier? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!