Meghan Markle Pays For All Of Her Designer Clothes And Never Gets Freebies

Meghan Markle Pays For All Of Her Designer Clothes And Never Gets Freebies

Meghan Markle’s wedding to Prince Harry is just two short months away and the eyes of the entire world are on the happy couple. It seems like every little thing they do is cause for amazement and celebration and people can’t help but speculate over every little detail of their upcoming wedding. They seem truly happy together, and have charmed royal family fans and those who were never so royal friendly with their positive outlook for their future. This happy couple is breaking all of the royal rules in the best of ways.

Although Meghan has lots of wonderful and admirable aspects of her personality and has charmed people the world over, one thing that people really love about her is much more superficial. People can’t get enough of Meghan Markle’s fashion choices, she has an impeccable sense of style and every time she goes out in public people marvel over what she’s wearing. I can’t blame them, I mean, have any of us seen Meghan Markle wear an outfit that wasn’t absolutely perfect since she announced her engagement to the Prince?

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement, people went crazy for the white coat she was wearing as the happy couple faced the press officially for the first time. The coat came from Canadian fashion brand, Line the Label, and when people discovered where it had came from they flocked to the brand’s site. Traffic on the site got to be so high that it crashed for five minutes, and the coat sold out almost instantly. It’s not everyone that has such an influence over the world’s fashion choices!

On Monday, Markle was spotted wearing another white coat (she must be a brave woman, I know I’d get all of these white coats dirty in a heartbeat!) as she accompanied Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth II. It was revealed that the white coat, which she wore with a stylish white beret this week, was from British designer, Amanda Wakeley and cost a staggering $1,000! That’s probably more than I’ve spent on clothes in my entire lifetime! But Markle isn’t a stranger to designer names, which leads people wondering who exactly pays the bills for her expensive wardrobe.

People have revealed recently that the person who pays for Meghan Markle’s enviable wardrobe, is in fact Meghan herself. As a rule, the royals don’t take any designer freebies and every expensive article of clothing is currently paid for by Meghan. Considering designers she’s been spotted wearing include Mackage, Sentaler, and jeans from Huit, the price tag isn’t small, so she’s going to have quite the bill on her hands! But Meghan shouldn’t be worried about paying for all of this, as the money she makes more than covers the cost.

Those who have been fans of Meghan Markle for a long time won’t be surprised that she’s able to foot the bill for her expensive taste in clothing. When she was appearing as an actress on TV show Suits, she was reported to be making $50,000 per episode by the end of her run on the show. She was making approximately $450,000 a year, which leaves her lots of room in her budget for her glamorous wardrobe. However, this amazing amount pales in comparison to her future husband Prince Harry’s net worth. The Prince is reported to be worth an astounding $25 million!

Although Meghan Markle currently pays for her own wardrobe, this won’t always be the case, as People have recently revealed. When she’s married to Prince Harry, Meghan’s outfits for official trips will be paid for by her father-in-law Prince Charles. He gives an allowance to Prince William and Kate, and Prince Harry’s will be extended to cover Meghan’s costs after they’re married. Prince Charles is reported to make $28 million from the Duchy of Cornwall, so it doesn’t look like providing for his sons and their partners will be a problem for him. In 2017, Prince William, Kate, and Prince Harry’s total expenditure came to $4.8 million, which covered clothes and all other expenses the royals had.

What do you think of this revelation that Meghan Markle pays for all of her designer clothes and doesn’t get freebies? If you were marrying Prince Harry would you pay for your own clothes or try to get your hands on some designer freebies? What’s the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve ever bought for yourself? Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends!