Meghan Markle Has Chosen Her Wedding Dress Designer, And It’s Not Who You Expected

Meghan Markle Has Chosen Her Wedding Dress Designer, And It’s Not Who You Expected

If you haven’t heard by now (if so, where have you been?) Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now officially engaged!

Their engagement has caused quite a stir in the news, and it’s been the topic of the hour for the past couple of days!

So I’m afraid ladies, we’re too late to snag ourselves the Prince! He’s officially off the market!

Almost everyone has fallen in love with Meghan’s engagement ring, it’s simply gorgeous!

The engagement ring is a three-stoned ring which Prince Harry designed himself, which means it really is one of a kind!

But with another Royal Wedding on the way many people are wanting to know everything about it.

Where it’ll take place, what the bride will wear, who’s invited, and most importantly when the special day will be!

Weddings are truly breathtaking events. For most of us, they are the once in a lifetime event that just has to be perfect.

But anyone who has gotten married or is currently planning there wedding, they’ll tell you how difficult it is to do!

Everything has to be planned for months – even years – in advance. The cake, the venue, the flowers, the rings, everything has to be perfect.

The average wedding can cost you somewhere between $19,984 to $33,306, so if you’re spending that much money on you’re wedding you have to make everyone is as good as it can be.

So you can only imagine how much more a Royal Wedding would be compared to that hefty price tag!

In terms of Meghan and Harry’s wedding, we don’t know all that much.

There hasn’t been a lot of information released about the wedding.

All we really know about the wedding is that there is already a date in place, which is May 2018.

The wedding will take place at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Chapel, and that’s pretty much all the information we know!

St. George’s Chapel is said to be a favorite of the Queen’s church.

Based on how many people the chapel holds, it’s expected to hold approximately 800 guests.

Obviously, this number is a lot less compared to Prince William’s marriage to Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey.

Besides the situation with the ‘best man,’ there is also another wedding situation that’s going against usual British norms.

Meghan Markle has already chosen her wedding dress designer and it’s not who everyone expected!


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