Meet The Man Who’s Spent $50,000 To Transform Himself Into A “Genderless Alien”

Meet The Man Who’s Spent $50,000 To Transform Himself Into A “Genderless Alien”

Everyone has their thoughts on beauty and what makes something beautiful.

Like they say, beauty is in the heart of the beholder.

But while we may consider someone beautiful and attractive that person may consider themselves hideous.

If someone isn’t happy with the way they look, they can change it. Either with makeup, a new hairdo, new clothes, or (in some extreme cases) plastic surgery.

From time to time most of us would have contemplated plastic surgery. It’s just one of those things.

While most of us admit it’s something we wouldn’t have done to ourselves, we still think about what we could have done.

Most people think about having their nose changed, or having a facelift, or even having a tummy tuck. But just because you think about it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.

I think about ordering a salad whenever I got to McDonald’s but I know I’m never going to do it.

Obviously, I’m not going to tell you not to do something. It’s your life and body after all. However, I do heavily suggest that if you’re considering plastic surgery that you shouldn’t overdo it, and you should only do it if you want to.

It’s an expensive thing to have done, and it can sometimes go wrong.

Not only that but plastic surgery can become addictive.

You could be going in for a nose job but before you know it you’re getting a new nose, a new chin, new boobs, and even a facelift!

So it’s important that you don’t go crazy when having plastic surgery.

But this is a memo some people missed out on.

Some people go crazy when it comes to plastic surgery, which can cause people to look, stare, and make harsh judgments.

But at the end of the day, as long as they’re not hurting anyone, and they’re happy, who cares?!

Plastic surgery has its ups and downs, one of the upsides is that whenever someone does something completely insane with plastic surgery, they almost instantly blow up social media.

One 22-year-old has spent $50,000 on plastic surgery to transform into a ‘genderless alien’.

It’s safe to say that their story blew up the internet!

The 22-year-old is from Los Angeles, and this is one of the few photos of him before they completed his transformation.

And here’s another one!

Before the plastic surgery, it’s pretty easy to see that he wasn’t a bad looking man!

But his appearance nowadays is a far cry from what he used to look like!

Vinny recently spoke out about the thinking behind his shocking transformation.

“Over the years, I’ve realized I’m not gay, bi, trans or any of these things, I just want to be me.”

Vinny doesn’t have a strict preference when it comes to picking a partner, and he doesn’t identify as a specific gender.

Vinny has gone through 110 surgical procedures to transform into the alien that he longs to be, and he’s made multiple headlines all over the world when photos of him surfaced.

His transformation began at the young age of 17. He started off with lip fillers, but he quickly moved onto rhinoplasties (nose jobs), he’s had several!

Vinny has also undergone 20 sessions of cryo facial freezing, 2 brow filters, and several botox sessions.

“I don’t look real and people love it. Some people have said they want their kids to be like me and that I’m an inspiration for children who don’t feel like they belong.”

That’s a pretty intense transformation, right? 

But Vinny is not done yet!

He’s also planning on having his nipples and other areas removed.

But how is he going to pee if he has that specific area removed?

He’s had a lot of procedures done, but what does Vinny look like these days? Let’s have a look, shall we? l

Here he is!

On his official Instagram account, Vinny has nearly 81k followers.

One look at him is all it takes and your fixated!

In fact, Vinny plans on starring on the show Plastics of Hollywood, where he’ll join others who share his love for plastic surgery!

He’s received a lot of criticism about his transformations, but there are other reasons for him doing transforming.

“I do it to inspire the world in a certain way, I want people to stop labeling others or putting them in boxes.

“I’m trying to wake people up to show them that gender roles in society do not matter and show them that we need to be better human beings and nicer to one another.”

But he’s not done yet!

Vinny plans on having over $150,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries in the near future. I’d hate to foot the bill for his next transformation!

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