Meet The Girl Who’s Had 4 Pints Of Fat Injected Into Her BUTT To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Meet The Girl Who’s Had 4 Pints Of Fat Injected Into Her BUTT To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Since Kim Kardashian has risen to fame, she has become one of the biggest beauty and fashion icons in the world. Like her or not, there’s no denying her ability to grace the covers magazines and websites all over the world.

Some people have decided they’d like to get her curvy shape themselves, and we’ve seen an increasing amount of girls going under the knife to achieve that Kim K look.

Jennifer Pamplona is one of those girls, with the former Versace model making it her personal mission to looks exactly like her idol Kardashian. The 24-year-old from Sao Paulo, Brazil, began getting plastic surgery aged 17, and has so far undergone two breast augmentations, one rhinoplasty, liposuction, and four rib removals!

The cost of all these surgeries is a cool $500,000… and she’s not planning on stopping until she reaches her goal!

However, her most recent surgery is what has the internet amazed, since Jennifer decided to have four pints of fat injected into her butt to get that Kim K shape. Because the procedure is so risky, Jennifer had to go through eight doctors before finding one who would agree to perform the surgery!

With her waist measuring just 23 inches next to her 71-inch hips, Jennifer now has the impossible proportions she was after. She even says she would be willing to die on the operating table: “My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the surgeries, but, in my opinion, if it happens I will die happy and beautiful.”

Jennifer says she was at a young age when she first wanted such a dramatic change to her body. She was dating a professional footballer who complained that she was too skinny:

“People always used to comment on my body and when I was dating a professional footballer, he complained, ‘you don’t have a big butt and you’re too skinny’. I finally have my Kim Kardashian butt. Now I know it’s very beautiful and I can compare mine to hers because it’s also massive and great.”

Jennifer says her surgery has helped her overcome depression, but it came at a price: “My mother wouldn’t talk to me for two weeks after seeing my butt and started to cry when she saw the bruising from injections.”

While Jennifer believes that her surgeries will help her in the modeling and celebrity world, her mother “doesn’t understand this is why [she’s] famous”.

Jennifer has already gained fame from her surgeries, working as a model and starring in shows about extreme plastic surgery procedures. She even thinks her career will one day be more successful than her role model’s: “I’ve spent a lot of money to become Jennifer Pamplona, but I don’t see it as an expense, more as an investment. I will become more famous than Kim Kardashian.”

What do you think about Jennifer’s new look, and the money she spent on it? It’s her body and she can do what she wants, right? Or is her 71-inch butt and 4 rib removals too much? If somebody is unhappy with their appearance, is it good to change it, or is natural best? Let us know what you think!