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We’ve all seen photo hoaxes that had everyone fooled that, in this day and age, just look a bit laughable. But with photo editing getting better and better every day, these pranks are just getting more and more believable. I’ll have to admit, some of these even had me fooled! Check them out for yourself and see if they had you baffled!

1. Presidential predicament

This one had us all giggling at President Bush for years before we realised it was all just a really good photo edit. Sorry for laughing Mr President!

2. Jumpin’ Jaws!

All I can say about this one is I’m really, REALLY glad it’s a fake! If great white sharks could suddenly jump out of the ocean like this I’d have to leave this planet immediately.

3. Lion around on the job

Yep, there were some people who seriously thought that this was how they filmed the famous Metro Goldwyn Mayer lion! But no, this lovely lion was just heading in for a medical procedure and no lions were harmed in the making of this picture!

4. Why so serious?

Heath Ledger was an amazing actor and his work as The Joker in the Batman movies was met with critical acclaim. However, I’m sad to say that his talent as an actor was not matched by his talent as a pro skateboarder.

5. Absolutely terrifying!

After 9/11 a lot of false rumours and theories came to light. This picture had people fooled for years before it was finally exposed as a huge fake.

6. Beautiful baby footprints

As amazing and wonderful this picture would be if it were real, I’m afraid it’s just some really good photo editing at work. But can you imagine if your baby could kick like that? You’d know you had a future pro footballer on your hands!

7. Show us your melons!

I know that purple yams are a thing nowadays, so I don’t blame you for thinking this was possible. But I promise, blue watermelons are definitely not a thing, even if they do look really tasty!

8. Just popping up to say hello!

Didn’t we cover this already? Sharks can’t jump like this, people! …Or can they? Please tell me this is still photoshop or I’m gonna have to book myself on the next rocket ship to Mars.

9. The most inconvenient home ever

As beautiful as this idea is, can you imagine living here? What would you do when you got home at night after a few wines and realised you’d forgotten your keys? You’d have to scale the cliff face to get back in! No thanks, I’ll stick with my regular little photoshop-free house.

10. Selfie at 30,000 feet!

No safety violations here folks, this pilot took his selfie while safely on the runway. I’m glad about it too! If it’s so dangerous to use your phone when driving a car imagine how risky it must be to take a selfie while flying a plane!

11. A lion or a cheetah or both?

Nope, this beautiful black lion isn’t real either! I’m kinda sad about this one though, just look at how gorgeous it would be!

12. You don’t have to be Einstein to realise this is a fake!

Sorry guys, but Albert Einstein has never ridden his bike away from an explosion while giggling like a schoolboy… Not as far as we know, anyway.

Did any of these have you fooled? Leave us a comment to let us know! And if you liked these crazy pictures, share this with your friends. See if you can pull the wool over their eyes too!