Maids Reveal Industry Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know About

Maids Reveal Industry Secrets Hotels Don’t Want You To Know About

One of the things I like about going away on holiday is the fact that I get to stay in a fancy hotel for a couple of nights.

The beds are always comfy, I don’t have to worry about cleaning, and there’s lots of free stuff for me to take home!

What isn’t there to love about the whole experience?

But there are a lot of secrets in the world of hotels, especially when it comes to room service and maids!

Well, luckily for us a few maids have come forward to share the biggest and juiciest industry secrets that hotels don’t want us to know!

1. Nap Time

We all get tired. That’s not a secret. But when you think that occasionally the person in charge of cleaning your room is also sharing the same bed as you, well, that changes things.

Even though they’re not allowed to do it, a quick nap is a logical solution when it comes to cleaning a large suite… 

2. Just Try It On

When you check into a hotel, you never know who’s going to rifle through your things.

A number of hotel maids have admitted that they sometimes try on a guest’s fancy clothes and then just neatly put it back when they’re done.

3. A Bite

Now and again, maids will “sample” things off of plates being sent to your room by room service. Sometimes before your orders are delivered!

So, if you think the portions are a bit small, well there’s a reason for that!

4. #Whatever!

Most hotel rooms come complete with the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

It’s common practice! But it turns out that most hotel maids just ignore the sign because they don’t want to clean it later in the day!

5. Pat Down

Unfortunately, most duvets, coverlets, and sheets are rarely washed in a hotel.

An anonymous maid reported to the DailyMail that if she had a duvet with a small stain it then she’d simply blot it out. She also admitted that if the sheets aren’t wrinkled or stained, then they almost never get changed.Yuck!

6. Gotta Go

Ok, this secret isn’t all that shocking.

When nature calls, most hotel maids will use the toilet regardless.

7. Going Home

Most hotel maids clock out by 5:30 PM. So, if you need something from housekeeping, make sure you ask for it earlier in the day!

8. Downgraded

If maids are caught breaking the rules then they are likely to lose their VIP roster and will have to clean the less desirable and cheaper rooms. They can even have their hours docked!

9. Timing

Turns out that hotel maids are on a time constraint to clean every room. Which is primarily why they skip the little things and just big things that are easily seen at first glance. 

10. Expensive Rooms 

When it comes to expensive rooms and private suites, more experienced members of staff know to call “dibs”

That means if a guest leaves anything behind and doesn’t claim it within a month, the person who called dibs gets to keep it!

11. Take It

Hotels actually want you to take their towels, soaps, and shampoos. Seriously, that way you feel like your getting your money’s worth, but you’ll also have a memento with the hotel’s advertising on it! It works both ways!

12. Compensation

A former maid from the Ritz-Carlton said that the staff members receive a budget of $1,500 to ensure their guests have a memorable stay and are treated like royalty. 

Once, a guest lost his Rolex and went to management to complain. As a result, he was given a brand new Rolex by the Ritz staff from their compensation budget.

13. Free of Charge

Now, this is a secret we all need to know. This is the secret to canceling your room without paying a fee!

If you cancel after the cancellation time, make sure to call first and ask the staff to change the date of your stay. The next time you ring you’ll hopefully have a different staff member will answer the phone which means that the original cancellation fee is no longer relevant!

14. Revenge

Make sure you’re nice to the hotel staff!

An anonymous maid revealed to the Huffington Post that a co-worker got her revenge on a rude guest by using a bathroom towel to mop the floor and then just hung it back up for re-use!

15. More Money

The hotel maids are paid per room, which means if you keep your room clean, they won’t spend so much time cleaning your room and can move onto others and earn a little extra!

16. Snooping Around

Some hotel maids will snoop around your hotel room to pass the time!

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