Macaulay Culkin Spotted On A Romantic Walk With His Girlfriend And He Looks Better Than Ever

Macaulay Culkin Spotted On A Romantic Walk With His Girlfriend And He Looks Better Than Ever

Child actors aren’t actually well known for their healthy upbringings.

While they get to experience the rich highs of celebrity life at an early age, they’re also faced with a lot of pressure and responsibility.

Growing up with such an avid fan base is bound to have some effects on your personality and mental state. So it’s no wonder how some child actors go off the rails when they get older.

There are some child actors who eventually got the handle on it and made it big, like Drew Barrymore.

But this isn’t the case for all celebrities. Some simply fade into obscurity and start making headlines for the wrong reasons.

While Macauley Culkin didn’t entirely leave the public eye, and while he didn’t act as recklessly as some other child actors, he’s got a lot of attention over his entrance into the life of an adult.

Macauley Culkin’s career was launched at the age of 10 with Home Alone and its sequel Home Alone: Lost In New York, hasn’t exactly avoided the weird.

Most bizarre of all is likely the band he started in 2013, which ran for three years before breaking up.

The band was strangely named The Pizza Underground and they would play Velvet Underground songs but replace the standard lyrics with pizza-themed ones. Sounds cheesy if you ask me!

They would also give out free pizza during performances, something that wasn’t enough to gain them a good reception though.

At one gig in Nottingham, England, ended in Culkin storming off stage because his kazoo solo was interrupted by fans booing and throwing pints of beer at the band.

Back in December 2013, Culkin uploaded the first video on the Pizza Underground’s YouTube channel.

The video was partly hinting at what’s the band was going to do next, but it ended up just alienating viewers because it mainly featured Culkin eating pizza for four minutes straight.

For a lot of us, it was our first time seeing the actor in a long while.

It was a jarring difference, as the Culkin we grew up watching was unlike the one we have now.

Culkin has occasionally re-appeared in the public eye. He dated Mila Kunis from 2002 to 2011, but he always looked a long stretch away from the fresh-faced child of his most successful years in Hollywood.

He recently broke up with Jordan Lane Price while he was living in Paris.

But he has recently spotted in Hollywood a few months ago, and he looked like a changed man!


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