The Lung Cleanser That Anyone Who’s Quit Smoking Has To Try

The Lung Cleanser That Anyone Who’s Quit Smoking Has To Try

Our lungs are very important, they’re constantly working so we can do things like breath!

But many people don’t see them as an important part of our bodies and often neglect them by smoking or just not exercising them regularly.

Yes, you read that right, you can actually exercise your lungs!

Most of us don’t give much thought as to where we’re breathing!

If it’s contaminated then we’re letting in countless pollutants into our system.

Everything from pollen to chemicals, to second-hand smoke that can stay trapped in air and enters our lungs.

Thankfully, our lungs are mostly a self-cleaning organ, but there are certain things we can do to help them keep working at a high level.

The best way to do this would be a lung cleanse.

A lung cleanses can be very helpful for dealing with those nasty health problems that can reek havoc on our breathing.

A lung cleanse is something you shouldn’t miss out on!

Well, we have the perfect recipe for you, which means you can cleanse your lungs at home with a healthy and tasty cleansing drink!

But first, let’s take a look at the negative side effects of smoking!

One: Smoking and Heart Disease

You may think that casual smoking won’t harm your body all that much, but even those who don’t smoke less than 5 a day can develop early cardiovascular disease symptoms.

Smoking can also increase your blood pressure by thickening your blood and narrowing your blood vessels, which make your heart beat faster.

Two: Smoking and Respiratory Disease

If you suffering from asthma and take up smoking, it can trigger an asthma attack and even make it worse!

If you have ever had an asthma attack, then you know it’s not a pleasant thing to have. Not only that but smokers are 13 times more likely to die from lung disease than those who don’t smoke.


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