Little Boy With Inoperable Brain Tumor Receives A Surprise Facetime From Ryan Reynolds!

Little Boy With Inoperable Brain Tumor Receives A Surprise Facetime From Ryan Reynolds!

Five-year-old Daniel Downing from Plymouth, UK was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor earlier this month. This awful news came in a cruel way, when Daniel’s mom took him for an eye test. She thought he just needed glasses, but an MRI scan revealed the unthinkable. Since then, the family have received more bad news, with doctors telling Daniel’s family that he has just a few months to live.

The brave little guy’s day was brightened however, when the massive Marvel Universe fan received a Facetime call from Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds! He took time out from shooting his latest movie to check in with young Daniel, and to cheer him up!

Daniel’s family have been campaigning to get the Canadian actor to call him, and the British youngster was finally asked by movie bosses if it was possible for Reynolds to have a chat over Facetime, while he was filming on the set of Deadpool 2 at the time.

During the call, the camera crew waved to little Daniel, and the five-year-old talked with his hero about his health, and how his friends help to make him feel better every day. His friends must be doing a great job, but I’m sure a call with a real-life superhero and big Hollywood star would have me him feel better that day too!

Daniel wasn’t alone for the call either, with his mom, step-dad, older brother and two baby sitters all getting to watch Daniel’s special moment with one of his favorite heroes.

Mom Stephanie has said: “Daniel picked up the phone and Ryan asked if he knew who he was. As soon as Daniel realised, he asked if he could FaceTime him and then he was very, very hyper.”

“I’m so happy for Daniel,” his mom continues, “It’s something he wouldn’t normally have been able to do and he was so excited. He told all his friends and his teachers. It’s nice to see him so excited because he has been a bit down lately.”

Stephanie’s best friend, Biffy Lynch, describes little Daniel as “full of life, mischievous, polite, intelligent, innocent, and above all, loving”.

Biffy has set up a JustGiving page to raise money for Daniel’s cause, which has smashed through its initial target of £6,000 ($7,850), with generous donors giving over £15,000 ($19,600) so far. The fund was set up to help the family pay for transport and living costs for Daniel and his family, as the treatment to prolong his life as long as possible is 200 miles (321 kilometres) away from his home.

The illness that Daniel suffers from is a form of cancer called pontine glioma. It’s a very aggressive cancer, which usually means patients have only nine months to live after their diagnosis.

So while the call from Ryan Reynolds is no miracle and doesn’t help with Daniel’s his condition, it’s sure to have lifted the spirits of this amazingly brave young man. Daniel’s family says it has done wonders, and it’s all worth it just to see this remarkable youngster so happy.

Daniel’s JustGiving page