Kristen Stewart Reunited With Her Twilight Daughter And It’s Making Us Feel Old

Kristen Stewart Reunited With Her Twilight Daughter And It’s Making Us Feel Old

It’s pretty amazing how time flies, especially when you get older.

Suddenly people look dramatically different, and the people near and dear to your look and sound dramatically different.

These sudden changes seem to have suddenly happened right in front of your eyes, despite the fact that they’ve been slowly happening over the course of the past few years.

The best example of that is with children, especially children close to you.

One minute their precious bundles in your arms, then they’re walking all over the place crying, and suddenly they’re adults with minds of their own.

This is especially true when you’re famous.

When you’re famous for a certain role, you become immortalized as the age you were in that role. It’s pretty weird but it’s something a lot of us do.

Because of this, we’re often left shocked at how much a person has grown up. We’re most like this with child actors, and it doesn’t matter what era they were famous in, we’ll still be shocked by how much they’ve changed!

The Goonies is an infamous 80s movie, but I’m still surprised when I’m reminded that none of the kids from that film are still kids!

It’s pretty crazy!

Aging is something we forget that people do. We all do it, and yet we’re gobsmacked to discover that someone is no longer as young as they use to be.

One of my favorite child actresses at the moment is Mackenzie Foy, you may all remember her for her role in the Twilight franchise back in 2012. It’s hard to believe that was six years ago!

If that’s hasn’t got you feeling old yet, wait until you see what little Renesmee looks like these days!

She’s all grown up and isn’t as little as she once was. 

Mackenzie played Renesmee in the Twilight movies, and for those of you who are struggling to remember who that character was, let me remind you.

Renesmee was Bella Swan’s daughter and she was a major character in the last two Twilight movies: Breaking Dawn, Parts I and II.

I think we can all agree just how cute and adorable she was back then!

After the Twilight franchise ended, Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan, shot to superstardom, however she has rarely been spotted with her onscreen daughter since their time on screen together.

The pair did spend a lot of time bonding offscreen during filming by taking hiking together, they’ve only recently been spotted together in public.

Kristen, 27, and Mackenzie, who is now 17, met up at the grand opening of the limited-edition Chanel Beauty House pop-up in Los Angeles.

Despite being a star-studded event, all eyes were on the long overdue reunion between the onscreen mother and daughter!

The pair posed together for the cameras.

I think we can all agree that Renesmee looks incredible! Mackenzie is now in her late teens and it’s clear to see that she barely resembles the adorable kid from the movies!

But it looks like this reunion shouldn’t have been so unexpected.

After all, Mackenzie was a former child model for major fashion labels like Guess Kids and Ralph Lauren, and Kristin has been associated with Chanel for quite a while now, so it’s no surprise that both should turn up to such high-end fashion events.

In a recent interview, Kristen opened up about her relationship with Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

“It’s a back-to-front full-circle story.

“The first two times I ever met Karl, or the team he worked with, which definitely came before meeting him, I saw they have an ease in which they approach aesthetic.

“I was like, ‘Yeah, I would love to help you tell your stories and help you make your art. I do something else entirely, but if you think this dress will do the thing and I respond to it…’ To watch people who do that, especially as an actor, it’s kind of the same feeling you have when you see a director find their vision.”

But while Kristen Stewart has created her own style in the fashion industry post-Twilight, the now 17-year-old Mackenzie has continued to act.

Mackenzie has had a number of acting credits during her career, including Interstellar alongside Matthew McConaughey. She’s also set to star in Disney’s upcoming The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

Maybe Kristen can take some of the credit for Mackenzie success.

The young actress has admitted that her onscreen mom has become a role model.

Kristen helped Mackenzie hone in on her acting ability early in her career.

Mackenzie said in an interview with MTV back in 2011:

“Kristen is an amazing, sweet, wonderful actress and I’m so lucky to be working with her.” 

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