Kris Jenner Accused Of Editing Her Photos On Instagram

Kris Jenner Accused Of Editing Her Photos On Instagram

The Kardashian clan are well known for their edgy and constantly glamorous appearances. There’s also known for their constant stream of selfies on Snapchat as well as Instagram.

But what most of the family are known for are their risky editing of selfies before uploading them onto social media.

Khloe Kardashian recently admitted to editing her photographs before posting them online for her millions of followers.

Which to me isn’t a big deal. I’d rather someone admits to editing their selfies but if they don’t then it’s up to them.

But it looks like not everyone is on the same page as me when it comes to this issue.

Kris Jenner has been accused of Photoshopping an Instagram snap.

This accusation came when eagle-eyed fans noticed something was wrong with the picture.

The 61-year-old momager posted a photograph of herself in a low-cut crop top and leggings as she did a sponsored post for a flat tummy tea.

But suspicious social media users thought there was something wrong with the photograph.

Surely Kris doesn’t edit her photos?

In the picture, the wooden bench behind the reality star was slightly warped just underneath her right arm.

The bottom of Kris’s arm also looks rather ragged.

It wasn’t long before social media users accused her of deceiving her fans.

One Instagram user said:

‘Shame about the editing on the arms… why bother? You look good!

Another said:

‘No need for the thinify [sic], especially if you are advertising for a health or weight loss product. Bit deceiving really.’

Another Instagramer wrote:

‘The reason you look so good is because of photo editing, don’t lie.’

But not everyone was upset about the photo being edited.

One wrote:

‘We all edit, no big deal. Edit and say, ‘who cares’… stunning.’

There were some social media users who accused the reality star of airbrushing her own skin.

One person wrote:

‘At her age her skin would look older. I’m not just talking about the skin on her face, her whole body, her skin is way too smooth.

‘All the surgery in the world wouldn’t give her skin that looks 20 years old.’  

However, despite the backlash, the promotional post received more than 328,000 likes making it one of Kris’s highest rated photos on Instagram. 

What do you think about Kris’s edited photo?

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