Kim Kardashian Is Mom Shamed After Sharing THIS Photo Of Her Son On Social Media

Kim Kardashian Is Mom Shamed After Sharing THIS Photo Of Her Son On Social Media

If you haven’t heard of mom shaming, you probably already know what it is, even if you don’t realize it.

Mom shaming is when somebody gives out a parenting tip. But in a sly, underhand way that kinda says, look at how poor of a job this mom is doing of raising her kids.

Parenting tips are all well and good, but when you don’t actually give a cr*p about the child in question, you just want to make the person look bad. Well, that’s mom shaming. And it means you’re not a very nice person.

If you’ve never heard of Kim Kardashian, well I really can’t help you. I mean, where have you been?

She’s a member of the Kardashian family, a reality TV star, cosmetics producer and basically one of the most famous faces – and bodies – on the planet. Kim has been on the cover of more magazines and the star of more websites that you’ve had hot, cold, delicious or disgusting dinners.

What has made her even more famous is her marriage to rap star Kanye West. The couple have two adorable kids together, a little girl North, 4, and Saint, her one-year-old boy who will be coming up on two in December!

Kim regularly shares snaps of her family through her various social media streams like Facebook and Instagram, which is where the story of her being mom shamed comes from.

Back in June, Kardashian posted this photo of youngest child sat in a forward-facing car seat.

Many people rushed to the assumption he was seated incorrectly and the mommy shamers crawled out of the woodwork!

The photo had been posted to the star’s Facebook page, where sparked quite a debate! Sometimes it seems like Kim can’t do so much as take a breath without someone calling her out for something!

One user, Margaret Diaz gave that backhanded compliment, ‘Let’s protect this handsome boy!’ Hmmm. Thanks, Maggie.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is recommended that infants and toddlers remain seated in the backward position until they are over the age of two years old.

So I guess that the mom shamer was actually right all along?

Since Saint is just a year old, he would have to sit backward. That is, unless he met a specific height and weight level.

Well, Kim decided to fire back at this mommy shamer this time!

In a video posted to the Kim Kardashian West YouTube channel, she sat alongside a friend to explain the situation.

Kim explains that although Saint may be facing the front of the car, what people don’t know is that her little boy has actually reached the required weight and height now to ride in this position.

After having raised a daughter, you would assume that as parents they would be fully clued up on the whole car seat thing.

She also went on to say that Saint is actually a bit heavier than North, although he’s three years younger than her, ‘If that is even believable,” according to Kim.

She obviously didn’t want any more mommy shamers chipping in, as the video’s comment section has been removed. You can only imagine the heated debates that went down!

So what do you think? Was Kim really wrong in how she put little Saint in a car seat? Did she deserve to be called out like this? Let us know with a COMMENT, and don’t forget to SHARE the article to keep the debate going.