Should Kids Share? This Mother Doesn’t Think So.

Should Kids Share? This Mother Doesn’t Think So.

When I was growing up I was always taught that you should play nice and share with your friends. I was told this all over again when I got a little brother who wanted to play with every single thing I owned. It’s a life lesson I had to learn and I’m glad I learned it at a young age, but should my Mom have maybe taught me a different lesson?

I think a lot of Moms would agree that teaching your child how to share is a very important thing to do, but Alanya Kolberg decided that she has other, more important values she’d like to teach to her kids. She realised how controversial this could be after taking her son on a trip to the park that didn’t go how she’d planned.

MY CHILD IS NOT REQUIRED TO SHARE WITH YOURS.As soon as we walked in the park, Carson was approached by at least 6…

Posted by Alanya Kolberg on Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Alanya wasn’t happy when other children in the playground approached her son and tried to force him to share his toys with them, even though he was clearly uncomfortable with the idea. Instead of forcing her son to share with the other kids, Alanya decided to take the opportunity to teach her son about boundaries.

Alanya told her son to say no to the other kids if he didn’t want to share and that’s exactly what she did. She might have gotten some dirty looks from the other Moms on the playground, but she’s more concerned with her sons wellbeing than what they think. I don’t blame her at all!

Alanya has some advice for all of the parents who don’t agree with her thoughts on sharing. “The next time your snowflake runs to you, upset that another child isn’t sharing, please remember that we don’t live in a world where it’s conducive to give up everything you have to anyone just because they said so, and I’m not going to teach my kid that that’s the way it works” Way to look out for your kids Alanya!

Well, Facebook is nothing without the comments so what did people think about what Alanya’s sharing policy? Grab some popcorn and let’s check out what the people think!

The comments on the Facebook post were divisive, but Alanya got a lot of support from those who agree with her stance on sharing. Here are just a few of our favourite comments from the post…

Eric would rather the kids know the value of the toys they’re playing with.

Cynthia makes a great point, I don’t even share my clothes with my sister, never mind a stranger!

However, not everyone agreed with Alanya’s decision…

Robyn would rather the kids just play without the toys.

But Alanya doesn’t care what the haters say, she had no problem with hitting back at those who disagree in the comments. You go Alanya, I love how you stick up for what you believe in! At the end of the day, your kids are your kids and you should raise them how you think is best!

Where do you stand in the sharing debate? Do you think kids should be taught to share and share alike? Or do you think this mom was right to teach her child boundaries? Let us know how you feel about this in the comments and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family!