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The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers have announced the winners of their 2017 photo contest!

I know, I didn’t know you could be a professional birth photographer either! I’m barely a professional anything!

But nevertheless, the photos they chose give a clue about that the struggles mothers go through to bring new life into the world, and many of them focus on the sheer joy that follows.

So here are some of our favorites! Be warned, some of these photos get a little gooey in places, so if you’re of a nervous disposition, look away now. It’s the most miraculous thing in the world though, and just nature taking its course!

Did the photographer just hitch a ride with them?

What an action shot, before the action starts!

Look at that pink little thing

And how relieved mom looks, what a great family shot!

Like a duck to water

Welcome to the world, little friend!

You can really get a sense of the relief and ecstacy of birth in this shot

What an amazingly talented photographer!

Get warm and dry little one!

Everything in this shot looks so comfortable and soft, apart from the umbilical cord. How amazing!

That look! This little one knows where the camera is already!

Taking everything in about this weird new world all around!

The joy on her face is just priceless

Look at all the help and support around her, so comforting.

Tears of joy!

I love how the baby is blurry in the background, so that all the focus is on mom.

That little guy really didn’t want to go through all that!

I guess neither did mom, but she’ll sure be glad that she did.

They both look pretty unsure about the whole situation

You two will grow to love each other! And of course maybe hate each other just a little sometimes.

I love how symmetrical everything looks here

A talented photographer’s eye saw this image and went with it!

I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!

Ah screw it, everybody cry together!

Three generations of one family are all in this one photo!

Grandma is getting her first glimpse of her grandchild, how wonderful.

She definitely did good

Now this mom has her whole family all around her! What more could anybody ask for?

This soothing image is such a peaceful and tranquil-looking photo

Now that all the hard work is over, the next few months and years should be a breeze! Plain sailing, right… right?

The joy on both of these surrogate parents’ faces is breathtaking

I wonder if the birth mom is making the same expression. Probably not, I’m guessing.

This black and white photo of a water birth is simply stunning!

Baby’s about to take their first breath out in the world!

Wow, the joy on this new mom’s face is just mind-blowing

What an incredible natural-looking photo capturing the perfect moment. You know this mom will treasure this picture forever.

This photo depicts such a serene scene!

All of that work was really worth it, just to look at that beautiful little face.