These Identical Twins Spend $20,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Brad Pitt

These Identical Twins Spend $20,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Brad Pitt

Would you spend a small fortune to look like a celebrity you love? It seems like recently, more and more people are revealing that they underwent extreme plastic surgery in order to look like their favourite celebrities. Personally, I’ve gotta say I don’t really understand why you’d do it! It’s a lot of effort to go through, changing your entire face!

Recently, 19 year old Sahar Tabar hit the headlines with her shocking plastic surgery transformation. She wanted to look more like her idol Angelina Jolie and is now completely unrecognisable to her friends and family. Here’s a recent photo of Sahar Tabar.

Yes, that is Sahar Tabar after going through an alleged 50 or more plastic surgeries to look like her idol. Can you guess who she wants to look like? Its Sahar Tabar’s favourite Hollywood starlet, Angelina Jolie! I’ve got to say, I see less of a resemblance to Angelina and more of a resemblance to the Corpse Bride. What do you think?

But Sahar Tabar isn’t the only person on board this alarming plastic surgery train. Recently a pair of twins have revealed that they’ve also gone through plastic surgery transformations and they want to look like somebody very near to Angelina’s heart. Angelina’s ex-husband and Hollywood hunk, Brad Pitt.

The identical twins who have gone through this transformation are Matt and Mike Schlepp, from Arizona. They went on MTV show I Want A Famous Face to take their quest to look like Brad clones public. Here they are together before they went under the knife to look like Brad Pitt.


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