You Would Barely Recognize ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves In These Pre-Surgery Pictures He Shared

You Would Barely Recognize ‘Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves In These Pre-Surgery Pictures He Shared

You’ve probably heard of or seen pictures of ‘Human Ken Doll’, whose name is Rodrigo Alvares, at some point before in your travels around the internet. In fact, barely a week rarely goes by without him hitting the headlines due to his shocking looks and plastic surgery procedures.

However, the plastic surgery fanatic has recently shared a few photos of himself in the days before he got any plastic surgery, and then when he was in transition to his current form, and they’re pretty amazing by comparison.

Alves, who was born in Brazil, is now based in the UK, and has fascinated people around the world with his quest to look like Barbie’s plastic boyfriend Ken.

More recently though, he seems to be trying to look more like Barbie herself.

Alves has appeared on countless talk shows and magazine interviews, during which he has revealed the whopping amount he has spent on plastic surgery procedures, which he estimates to be around half a million dollars.

That’s a lot of money, whoever you are!

Due to being the subject of immense media interest, Rodrigo is now able to command high fees for appearing on talk shows and doing photo shoots and giving interviews to magazines.

Due to this income, it’s easy to see how he can afford the surgeries, but you have to wonder how he could afford the procedures to make him look like this in the first place.

He underwent his first plastic surgery procedure at the age of just 19, when he had his nose surgically altered.

Since then, he has undergone more than 60 cosmetic procedures, including ab implants, liposculpture, cheek augmentation, as well as countless fillers and botox injections.

He recently spent £19,000 on a hair transplant, despite the fact that his own natural hairline was mostly intact.

The 34 year-old acknowledges that he is definitely addicted to getting plastic surgery, but he has reiterated several times that he is happy with his new body. After spending that much time and money on it, you would hope so!

In an interview with a British Newspaper, Alves said that he wanted people to admire his “courage and bravery” for having so many procedures.

The picture above shows Alves some years ago, when he had only had a handful of procedures. As you can see, he was alightly overweight compared to what he looks like today. But that difference is nothing compared to what Rodrigo looked like when he was younger. Check this out!

He really was a very good-looking young man, and while he is obviously free to do whatever he wants with his own body, personally I find it sad that he has felt the need to modify his appearance so much over the years.

All of this is even more shocking when we look at this photograph of him as a child – who would have ever thought that the boy is this picture is the same person!

The transition process that Rodrigo has undergone over the years is pretty remarkable, and now, he seems to be set for a whole new transition.

Alves has revealed that, after all of this, he now plans to transition from male to female.

In a recent interview, Alves said he was going to transition into a woman later in life, so that he becomes a “sexy old lady like Caitlyn Jenner” rather than a “saggy old man”.

The fact that his “bits are falling off” has also prompted this decision.

What do you think of Rodrigo’s transition? Do you support his right to make decisions about his own body, or do you think he’s sick and needs help? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!