Hilarious Photos Taken Immediately Before Disaster Struck

Hilarious Photos Taken Immediately Before Disaster Struck

It’s always good to take photos of social events with friends. It can make the memories last a lifetime. Occasionally, we get a little more than we bargain for with our photographs, and they become an internet sensation. Check out these hilarious pictures taken immediately before disaster:

1. Snow Laughing Matter

Just a couple of buds, hanging out in the snow… but one of them is about to get a bit more snow than he’d like.

2. Wet wet wet

Jet skiing always has the potential to be dangerous, and accidents happen, but that kid has a pretty evil grin going on. Do you think he had a pair of scissors in his other hand?

3. Mama’s boy

The kid looks so contented on his mama’s lap, but he won’t be feeling that way for very long. Hope you like passion fruit, kiddo!

4. Stick it to ’em

Looks like someone’s about to face the dilemma of a cracked screen. I hope she has insurance on that thing!

5. You got served

This tennis player has won a grand slam trophy. It’s probably one of the best days of his life. But it looks like the trophy makers skimped on materials.

6. Ex-squeeze me?

This protestor looks like he is trying to reason with the water cannon. You don’t reason with the water cannon, buddy – you get the hell out of the way.

7. Doing a heckin’ chomp

Oh dear. I don’t that dude is going to look quite so happy in a couple of seconds’ time. Bad dog!

8. Light ’em up

So it looks like this photo was taken in the split second before anyone realised that this young lady’s hair was on fire. Lay off the hairspray, honey!

9. A majestic swoop

The poor kid looks like he has absolutely no idea what’s about to land on hi head. This is enough to put him off Harry Potter for life.


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