‘Hero’ Teacher Left Instructions For Fiance After Dying In School Shooting

‘Hero’ Teacher Left Instructions For Fiance After Dying In School Shooting

For a lot of people, the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting is still a sore subject.

No one can ever really expect such a shocking thing to happen, a lot of people often miss the signs that someone intends to, or probably will end up shooting a school.

Just thinking about the idea that someone is willing to kill countless innocent people, children, teachers, is maddening to me.

School shootings are preventable too. We just need to become more aware of the signs and traits of a possible school shooter so we can try to stop another massacre from unfolding. But that’s not all that needs to be done.

Despite the fact that some people are offended and outraged by this idea, we need to start enforcing gun control.

We need to prevent people who aren’t stable from being able to buy guns, and we need to make it harder for people to get hold of a gun too.

Some of you may be thinking that gun control isn’t the issue. Well, take a look at countries that have gun control. Countries like Canada, Spain, the UK, Germany, Sweden. They don’t have nearly enough gun-related crime when you compare it to gun-related crime in America.

We need to take a serious look at gun control to prevent more innocent people from dying.

On the 14th of February, Stoneman Douglas High School was under attack. 

A school shooter open fired in his own school, killing 17 students and teachers without a second thought.

To most people, this shocking event is something they couldn’t even imagine. But for some, it was something that was always in the back of their mind.

One of the Stoneman Douglas teachers made preparations, just in case, he was killed in a school shooting.

Scott Beigel was a 35-year-old Geography teacher who gave his life for his students.

He made sure his students were safely hiding inside his classroom before he was suddenly killed trying to close and lock the door.

One of Scott’s students opened up about Scott’s final heroic act.

“When he opened the door, he had to re-lock it so we could stay safe, but he didn’t get the chance to.

“He was in the doorway and the door was still open and the shooter probably didn’t know we were in there because he was lying on the floor. If the shooter had come in the room, I probably wouldn’t be [alive].”

In preparation for his possible death, Scott gave his fiancée, Gwen Gossler, instructions if he ever died in a school shooting.

Before his sudden death, Scott and Gwen were watching coverage of a school shooting, and he told his fiance what he wanted her to do in case he was ever killed in a school shooting.

Gwen shared his request at his funeral in Temple Beth El in Boca Raton, Florida.

“Promise me if this ever happens to me, you will tell them the truth — tell them what a jerk I am, don’t talk about the hero stuff.” 

She continued:

“OK, Scott, I did what you asked.

“Now I can tell the truth. You are an amazingly special person. You are my first love and my soulmate.’’

According to Scott’s obituary, he grew up in Dix Hills and went on to attend the University of Miami.

While he was working at Stoneman Douglas, he coached the cross-country team and also served as a counselor at Starlight Summer Camp in Pennsylvania, which was the place where he was inspired to become a teacher.

Scott was one of 17 people shot and killed at the high school. 

One of his students said:

“Mr. Beigel was my hero and he still will forever be my hero.

“I will never forget the actions that he took for me and for fellow students in the classroom. I am alive today because of him.

“If I could see him right now…I’d give him a huge teddy bear to say thank you. But, unfortunately, I can’t do that.”

Scott’s parents were grief ridden by the loss of their son.

His father, Michael Schulman said:

“I don’t want Scott’s memory to be the horrific moment on that afternoon. Scott’s heroism was not that instant. Scott’s heroism was his entire life.”

 Linda Beigel, Scott’s mother added:

“The pride and the love and the admiration that I have for my son, there are no words. He is so humble, and he never knew the value he had in everybody’s life. The school knows he was always committed to whatever it was that he was doing.”

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